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April 2013
When the bill was called up, AFSA enlisted Senator Paul Sar-
banes, D-Md., to speak against it on the foor, using points AFSA
provided, in detailed, persuasive terms. Tat intervention efec-
tively killed the Helms initiative.
AFSA was also the voice of the Foreign Service community
on the Hill in the wake of the August 1998 bombing of our mis-
sions in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. We were asked to testify
alongside Admiral William Crowe, chair of the Accountability
Review Board formed after that tragedy, and used that forum
to point out how the department’s management policies had
AFSA has a lively tradition of advocacy on behalf of the Foreign
Service on Capitol Hill. Here is a sampling of recent activity. Top left:
AFSA Executive Director Ian Houston, AFSA USAID VP Francisco
Zamora and former AFSA Presidents John Naland and Dennis Hays
with Sen. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., in 2008. Top right: American
Academy of Diplomacy President Ambassador Ron Neumann and
AFSA President Susan Johnson testify on Foreign Service stafng in
the Senate on March 8, 2011. Second row left: USAID VP Francisco
Zamora, Ian Houston, former AFSA President F.A. “Tex” Harris,
former AFSA President Tom Boyatt and former AFSA State VP and
board member Willard De Pree with Senator Richard Lugar, R-Ind.,
recipient of AFSA’s Award for Lifetime Contributions to American
Diplomacy in 2007. Second row right: Ian Houston, Rep. Christopher
Van Hollen, D-Md., and former AFSA President Tony Holmes. Bottom
left: John Naland and Rep. Mark Kirk, R-Ill. (now a senator), in 2007.
Bottom right upper: Former AFSA State VP Steve Kashkett testifes
in Congress on PTSD in June 2007. Bottom right lower: Jim Kolbe,
former representative from Arizona and now adviser on foreign
policy to the German Marshall Fund of the United States, with AFSA
President Susan Johnson and Ian Houston in 2012.
exacerbated the losses we sufered—much to the dismay of the
senior State Department ofcials who were sitting behind us
waiting to testify.
A Foreign Service Caucus
Te 40-year mark is a golden opportunity to expand AFSA’s
profle on the Hill. One concrete step would be to persuade sym-
pathetic representatives and senators fromboth parties to organize
formal House and Senate caucuses of legislators who are interested
in supporting American diplomats, and then use them to advance