The Foreign Service Journal - April 2014 - page 10

APRIL 2014
FS Life” (May 2011); “When the
USSR Fell: The Foreign Service on the
Front Lines” (December 2011); and “An
Undervalued Resource: Foreign Service
Nationals/Locally Employed Staff”
(June 2012).
The variety of those subjects illus-
trates how effectively the
during Steve’s time to broaden the scope
of topics beyond what had been the
traditional focus. We will greatly miss his
remarkable talents and good humor, and
at the same time look forward to the next
stage of the
s journey.
The best of luck to the new team—you
have huge shoes to fill.
Tibor Nagy Jr.
Ambassador, retired
Lubbock, Texas
In doing so, they showed understand-
ing of the importance of our contribu-
tion to the organization as a whole—not
merely the functional tasks Foreign
Service specialists carry out, but the fact
that we, too, represent the essence of the
institution. For that special understand-
ing, my colleagues and I will always be
I wish Steve well in his future endeav-
ors. Moreover, I wish new Editor-in-Chief
Shawn Dorman the same and look for-
ward to working with her on future initia-
tives. I have every confidence that she will
lead the
superbly for many years
to come.
Timothy C. Lawson
Senior FSO, retired
Hua Hin, Thailand
A Fond Farewell
I was both surprised and saddened when
I read the January-February Editor’s Let-
ter, a fond but wistful adieu from Steve
Honley. Steve has indeed served as an
editor for as long as I
can remember.
He and his
colleagues always
provided strong encouragement and
support to my efforts to showcase the vital
role both management and information
resources management officers and spe-
cialists play in steering the global mission
and institutional focus of the Foreign Ser-
vice. Both Steve and his successor, Shawn
Dorman, gave us, and me as an author, an
opportunity to display that role by sharing
a stage traditionally reserved for an incan-
descent cast of Foreign Service VIPs.
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