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APRIL 2014
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Arlington Court Suites Hotel
Clements Worldwide
Coldwell Banker Residential Bro-
(Mary Lowry Smith)
Diplomatic Automobile
Embassy Risk Management
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have reported, the Tsunis
performance elicited apologies to the
country and to the Progress Party from
both U.S. Embassy Oslo and the White
which reports
that some Norwegian-Americans in the
United States have begun petitioning for
the removal of Tsunis’ nomination, also
probed the larger issue of the nomina-
tions process, citing the AFSA Guide-
Bret Matera, Editorial Intern
The War on Bad Air
in China
the Chinese government is becom-
ing increasingly transparent about the
extent of the country’s air pollution,
thanks in large part to pioneering efforts
by Embassy Beijing.
Denyer explains that in 2009, the
embassy began monitoring and pub-
lishing data on the fine particles in
Beijing’s air that cause the most harm
to human health, known as PM2.5
(because they measure less than 2.5
micrometers in diameter). Those hourly
, which are also
taken at U.S. consulates throughout
China, are disseminated on
widely watched through a smartphone
Painfully aware that air pollution is a
major topic of discussion—and discon-
tent—on Chinese microblogs, Beijing
he Department of State’s chronic state of penury is a fact of Foreign Service
life to which all officers have long been accustomed. Can anyone recall a year
when a travel freeze was not necessary? When a supplemental appropriation was
not urgently needed? …
Travel has been strictly curtailed since December. Home leaves are backed
up. Several courses at the Foreign Service Institute have been canceled because
travel funds are not available to bring officers home for training. Officers around
the world are altering plans for the educational schedules of their children. All of
these inconveniences and uncertainties tend to lower morale. …
If the Department of State is to play its role as the executive agent of the
president in carrying out foreign policy, it must be financed to provide leader-
ship and guidance to all these elements. We think the department should take
the lead in encouraging the Bureau of the Budget to take a totally new look at
our budget in 1965.
Let’s not try to meet the department’s responsibilities by asking for small
increases each year. This will still leave us going around in the same vicious
circle. Let’s instead ask for a realistic budget that meets the needs of the role we
have to play in a world of recurring crises. We are convinced that Congress and
the country would welcome a bold and realistic approach to the department’s
budgetary problem, so that it may effectively handle the emergencies which will
inevitably arise while carrying on a planned program to meet its own responsi-
—From an editorial titled “The Vicious Circle,”
, April 1964.
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