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APRIL 2014
Views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the AFSA State VP.
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One of the great advan-
tages of serving at AFSA
is the opportunity to col-
laborate with other foreign
affairs organizations and to
acknowledge the contribu-
tions they make. Here are
some of AFSA’s most promi-
nent partners.
The Fo r e i gn
Af f a i r s Coun c i l
The Foreign Affairs Council
is an umbrella group of 11
organizations, which retired
former AFSA president and
current AFSA-PAC treasurer,
founded in 1999.
Beginning with Secretary
of State Colin Powell, every
two years the FAC evalu-
ates Secretaries of State in
their capacity as managers
and leaders of the Foreign
Service. The “report cards"
issued by FAC have consis-
tently garnered significant
media attention.
Membership overlaps
between the various FAC
organizations, frequently
resulting in cooperation on
an institutional level. AFSA is
one of the council's largest
The Academy
o f Ame r i can
D i p l oma c y
The Academy of American
Diplomacy was founded
in 1983 to support and
strengthen U.S. diplomacy.
Its membership includes
some of the Foreign Service’s
most prominent diplomats,
Collaborating with Our Partner Organizations
such as its president, retired
Ambassador Ron Neumann.
The organization has pro-
duced a number of reports
on the development of a
modern diplomatic work-
force. It is currently working
on a study on professional-
ism in the Foreign Service,
with a projected release date
The Associates of the
American Foreign Service
Worldwide is a nonprofit,
volunteer association that
includes members from the
extended Foreign Service
family. Founded in 1960,
AAFSW holds social events;
provides networking and
advocacy groups; compiles
information for Foreign Ser-
vice spouses and partners;
manages the annual book fair
at Main State and the book-
store in Foggy Bottom; and
hosts an online community
and the electronic distribu-
tion list, "Livelines."
AAFSW also sponsors the
Secretary of State's Awards
for Outstanding Volunteerism
Abroad. See
The Association for Diplo-
matic Studies and Training, a
nongovernmental member-
ship organization founded
in 1986, is located at the
Foreign Service Institute.
ADST advances knowledge of
U.S. diplomacy through their
oral histories, books, exhibits,
social media and educational
website. Its foreign affairs
oral history collection is the
largest such resource in the
world. (See the March
port training at FSI. See www.
DACOR is a membership
organization of foreign affairs
professionals. It is known for
its lectures on diplomacy by
prominent experts and its
role as a networking center
for the foreign affairs com-
munity, and also serves as an
inn for visiting U.S. diplomats.
The Una Chapman
Cox Founda t i on
The foundation supports
projects that educate the
U.S. public about the vital
role of the Foreign Service
and build informed support
for a globally competitive
U.S. diplomacy.
Cox sabbatical leave fel-
lowships enable outstanding
mid-level Foreign Service offi-
cers selected by the director
general to pursue a variety of
exciting projects.
The foundation is sup-
porting the creation of a
Center for Lessons Learned
and raising public awareness
of diplomacy through its
partnership with the Public
Broadcasting System, among
other activities. See www.
The Council of American
Ambassadors is a nonprofit,
nonpartisan association of
non-career chiefs of mission.
Founded in 1983, it regularly
hosts social and educational
events for its members. See
The American Foreign
Service Protective Associa-
tion was founded in 1929 to
provide health, life and travel
insurance and other benefits
to Foreign Service employ-
ees. AFSPA offers the Federal
Employees Health Benefits
Foreign Service plan. It also
supports the work of the
Senior Living Foundation.
The D i p l oma c y
Cen t e r Founda t i on
was estab-
lished in 2002 by a group
of retired Foreign Service
officers to support the
department’s efforts to build
a museum honoring U.S.
diplomacy and contributions
made by members of the
Foreign Service. The founda-
tion recently presented $17.5
million to the department to
help fund construction of the
new museum. Groundbreak-
ing will take place sometime
this year at the 21st Street
entrance of the Harry S Tru-
man Building.
Next month: Millennial
Morals and the Department
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