The Foreign Service Journal - April 2014 - page 57

APRIL 2014
On Feb. 18, AFSA and
co-sponsored an event at the
DACOR-Bacon house, honor-
at U.S. embassies. Stationed
at Post One, the embassy’s
entrance, the guards not
only constitute a solid line of
defense for American diplo-
macy, but are the first Ameri-
cans visitors encounter. As
such, they truly represent the
face of America.
and the U.S. Marine Corps
joined together to recognize
these individuals, the first
time this has ever been done.
In his remarks, AFSA
President Bob Silverman
thanked the Marines for the
work they do. “We consider it
a privilege to serve alongside
those in uniform and to work
with you at our embassies
around the world.”
Silverman went on to
read a letter from former
Secretary of State George P.
Shultz, “I am a Marine and, as
a former Secretary of State, I
am particularly proud of the
work of our security guards.
They are an impressive pres-
ence for anyone visiting our
embassies and keep close
track of security issues. So I
give them my salute and say,
‘Semper Fidelis.’”
Ian Houston, executive
director of AFSA, joined in
saluting the Marines before
introducing Alex Copher, a
State representative on the
AFSA Governing Board, who
spearheaded the event—a
first for DACOR and AFSA.
“This well-attended and
long-awaited event provides
an opportunity for mem-
bers of various professional
foreign affairs organizations
to express their apprecia-
tion, support and admiration
of the United States Marine
Corps’ Marine Security Guard
program,” Copher said. He
pointed out that the event
reinforces and renews the
unique relationship that has
existed between the United
States Foreign Service and
the United States Marine
Corps since 1804.
“This event holds a special
place for me personally, as
well,” Copher added. “I have
served as a Marine security
guard, and have worked
alongside Marine security
guards during nine embassy
assignments over the course
of 23 years. Semper Fi!”
AFSA and DACOR Salute U.S. Marine Security Guards
Global Opportunities Job Fair
The Family Liaison Office and the Foreign Service
Institute’s Transition Center invite you to participate
in the
Global Opportunities: Talent Optimization
Job Fair
. This special event is open to all adult Eligible
Family Members and Members of Household of the
foreign affairs agencies around the world. The fair
will feature international employers, career advisers,
entrepreneurial experts, FS tax experts and informa-
tion on obtaining work permits and teleworking.
When: May 2 - 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Where: Virtual and In-Person at FSI
EFMs and MOHs overseas can register as virtual
participants with access to:
• Telephone appointments with a large number of
international employers
• Streaming connection for real-time questions to
Interested candidates are encouraged to create a
LinkedIn profile as all employers will have access to
a special LinkedIn group: GO-TO Job Fair. If you have
any questions, please contact Debbie Thompson at
(Above, left) DACOR President Martin Hurwitz, American Academy of
Diplomats President Ambassador Ronald Neumann, Council of American
Ambassadors President Ambassador Timothy Chorba, AFSA President
Robert Silverman and AFPSA Administrative Manager Kyle Longton.
(Above, right) U.S. Marine Security Guards and their wives.
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