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the Foreign Service journal


April 2015


Romania Revisited

Although I never met Kiki Skagen

Munshi during our respective Foreign

Service careers, I was delighted to dis-

cover her long experience in Romania

courtesy of your November 2014 issue, in which her excellent novel, Whisper in Bucharest , was reviewed.

My twin sister and I were born in

Bucharest when King Carol II was on the

Romanian throne and my father, Sheldon

T. Mills, was a second secretary at the

American legation.

I plan to return to

Romania this sum-

mer and have already

contacted the author

for guidance.

Ms. Munshi

responded immedi-

ately to my mes-

sage and has been

extremely helpful.

Best of all, since she returns to the coun-

try often, we hope to meet in Bucharest

during my visit.

My sincere thanks to the


for being

the catalyst for a new friendship.

Linda Mills Sipprelle

FSO, retired

Princeton, N.J.

Reaching Out

to Military Vets

Thank you, AFSA, for your recent out-

reach to military veterans in the Foreign

Service. In my 33 years of combined gov-

ernment service (military, Civil Service

and Foreign Service), I don’t recall such

an initiative. Outstanding!

I believe it’s fair to say that those of us

who have been members of the For-

eign Service and the armed forces view

the nexus of those two institutions as a

joint endeavor to make “peace through

strength” a meaningful component of