The Foreign Service Journal - April 2016
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APRIL 2016


April 2016

Volume 93, No. 3




Secretary Kerry on Overseas Comparability Pay / 47 VP Voice FCS: Life After the Commercial Service / 48 Governing Board Meeting / 48 VP Voice Retirees: Salaries and Retirement—Foreign Service vs, Private Sector / 49 AFSAMemorial Plaques Criteria / 50 AFSA and the Public Diplomacy Council Team Up / 50 2016 Global Ties Conference: Promoting the Foreign Service / 51 My Encounter with the IVLP Village / 53 AFSA on the Hill: The President’s FY 2017 Budget Request / 54 ADSTAwards Gala / 55 Engaging High School Students: Model UN Conference / 56 Book Notes: Learning from Our Successes, Not Our Mistakes / 58


President’s Views /7 Building the Deep Bench BY BARBARA STEPHENSON Letter from the Editor / 8 Mass Migration Matters BY SHAWN DORMAN Speaking Out / 16 The Department of State: Mission and Vision Examined BY EDWARD MARKS Reflections / 73 Into the Desert BY KATE CARR


Letters / 9 Talking Points / 12 Books / 63 Local Lens /74


Classifieds / 66 Real Estate / 69 Index to Advertisers / 72

On the Cover:

Yezidi refugees recall their harrowing escape from the so-called Islamic

State group at a December 2014 meeting in Mardin, Turkey, with FSO Refugee Coordinator

Matthew Johnson, at right. Photo courtesy of Matthew Johnson. Below—2013 graduates

from Simad University in Mogadishu, Somalia. Photo: AMISOM Public Information/

Ilyas A. Abukar/Wikimedia Commons.


Humanitarian Diplomacy / 19 An experienced practitioner addresses today’s unprecedented challenges. AN I NTERV I EW WI TH KE L LY CL EMENTS , U. N . DEPUTY H I GH COMM I SS I ONER FOR RE FUGEES On the Ground in Turkey / 23 These notes from the diary of an FSO refugee coordinator in Turkey convey the realities of the humanitarian crisis spreading from the Middle East. BY MATTHEW JOHNSON Partnering to Meet Urgent Needs / 28 Corporate-government partnerships can make a great difference in times of need, argues this former FSO. BY LAURA LANE How Refugee Resettlement in the United States Actually Works / 32 Historically, the United States has permanently resettled more refugees than all other countries combined. Here’s what is involved. BY CAROL COL LOTON Pitching In to Do Vital Work / 36 A distinguished ambassador describes work in the world of refugee resettlement. BY JOHNNY YOUNG


Development Aid to Africa: Time for Plan B? / 39 Fifty years and trillions of dollars of foreign aid has yet to put the African continent on a real growth trajectory. BY DON LOTTER Ethnic and Sectarian Conflict—Two Core Issues / 43 Successful solutions will invariably include equal application of the rule of law and an effort to ensure “parity of esteem” between the parties. BY ANDREW D. SENS


AFSA’s Very Own Santa Claus: Carl Edward Dillery, 1930–2016 / 59 Ambassador C. Edward Dillery served as AFSA’s elected retiree vice president from 1991 to 1993 and as chair of the Scholarship Committee from 1997 to 2012. BY STEVEN ALAN HONL EY