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APRIL 2016




On Nov. 2, the AFSA Govern-

ing Board approved revisions

to the criteria governing who

is eligible to be considered

for inclusion on the AFSA

Memorial Plaques, located in

the Department of State’s C

Street Lobby. The official cri-

teria, as approved, are spelled

out in the following.


The AFSAMemorial Plaques

honor members of the Foreign

Service (as defined by Section

103, 1 through 5, of the Foreign

Service Act of 1980) who die

while serving abroad under

circumstances distinctive to

the Foreign Service.

AFSAMemorial Plaques Criteria


• death due to disease

related to particular circum-

stances of overseas assign-


• death caused by inad-

equate medical facilities,

defective government equip-

ment or facilities, a natural

disaster at an overseas post,

or crime at an overseas post.

Deaths involving the

decedent’s illegal, negligent,

reckless or selfish behavior

are not eligible for inclusion.

The criteria for the addi-

tion of a name to the AFSA

Memorial Plaques shall be

the criteria that applied at the

time of the individual’s death.

AFSA owns and maintains

AFSA and the Public Diplomacy Council Team Up

AFSA and the Public Diplo-

macy Council are deepening

their collaboration to bring

our members more informa-

tion on subjects related to the

practice of public diplomacy.

The PDC has long hosted

its monthly lunchtime discus-

sions at AFSA headquarters.

NowAFSAwill record these

and make them available to

members of both organiza-


The first two recordings

are available at www.afsa. org/video. The first feature


Alex Karagiannis—senior

adviser to the Department

of State’s Bureau of Human

Resources—whose Feb. 25

presentation addresses how

PD officers can demonstrate

impact and capture the ever-

elusive “so-what” factor on

the new Employee Evaluation


The sec-

ond involves a


with authors Ron

Nixon and Daniel

Whitman. Nixon’s



Apartheid: South

Africa’s Global



examines South

Africa’s apart-

heid propaganda


man served as a

program devel-

opment officer at Embassy

Pretoria in the late 1990s. His


Outsmarting Apartheid:

An Oral History of South Afri-

ca’s Cultural and Educational

Exchange with the United

States, 1960-1999

, is based on

interviews with South Africans

and Americans who adminis-

tered, advanced and benefited

from government-funded

exchange programs.

In April, PDC will host DC

Jazz Festival Executive Direc-

tor Sunny Sumter, who will

explore jazz as a PD tool.

PDC meetings are held

on the first Monday of each

month. AFSAwill make the

recordings available within

two to three days of each pro-

gram.We hope our members

enjoy this collection of conver-

sations on PD issues.

—Ásgeir Sigfússon,

Director of Communications

Foreign Service Officer Lia Miller, an AFSA

member and Public Diplomacy Council associate

member, introduces Alexander Karagiannis at the

Feb. 25 presentation on performance evaluations.

Criteria for Eligibility

Eligibility is limited to

deaths occurring overseas

due to circumstances distinc-

tive to the Foreign Service,

including acts of violence or


The death may occur

at post of assignment or in

another location, as long as

the cause of death was an

event or circumstance which

occurred while on assignment

outside the United States and

was attributable to the loca-

tion of assignment.

Eligibility may also include

any of the following:

• travel to or from post

and travel at post while in the

active performance of official

the plaques and organizes

unveiling ceremonies when

new names are added, in

cooperation with the Depart-

ment of State.


The AFSAAwards and

Plaques Committee consid-

ers proposals for additional

names and makes recom-

mendations to the AFSA

Governing Board, which

selects the final names for

inscription, based on the

above criteria.

Any questions about the

memorial plaques should

be directed to AFSAAwards

Coordinator Perri Green at

or (202) 719-