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APRIL 2016



Ambassador Carl Edward Dillery

served as AFSA’s elected retiree

vice president from 1991 to 1993 and

as chair of the Scholarship Committee

from 1997 to 2012.


Steven Alan Honley, a Foreign Service officer from 1985

to 1997, is

The Foreign Service Journal

’s contributing

editor. He was editor-in-chief of the


from 2001 to


AFSA’s Very Own

Santa Claus:

Carl EdwardDillery, 1930-2016


mbassador Carl Edward Dillery,

who died on Jan. 23 at the age of

85, was much fitter than Santa

Claus. But in spirit, at least, Ed (as

he was universally known) bore a

striking resemblance to jolly old St.

Nicholas, and managed to do so all

year round—but most especially on

Foreign Affairs Day.

Each May during his nearly 15 years as chair of the American

Foreign Service Association’s Scholarship Committee, Ed joy-

fully disbursed scholarship checks worth thousands of dollars

to dozens of deserving high school students. While those funds

didn’t come out of his own pocket, he seemed to take just as

much pleasure from the annual ceremony as if they had. And in

the process, without in any way hogging the spotlight, he trans-

formed what could have been a repetitive series of transactions

into something truly profound: an investment in each teenager’s


Lori Dec, AFSA’s longtime scholarship director, says she “can’t

remember a time when Ed did not have a smile on his face. He

was a genuinely nice man, very down to earth, and never let on

that he was a former ambassador. He was always ready to assist

with any committee business, be it attending an awards lunch,

accepting a scholarship check from a donor or presiding over a

Merit Awards panel meeting. He will be sadly missed.”

Ambassador C. Edward Dillery, at right, with 2007 AFSA Merit

Award winners who were able to attend the reception. From

left, Jason Meer, Erica Wickman, Andrew Keith, Sarah Haviland

and Paul Armstrong.