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april 2016


the foreign Service journal

local lens




Please submit your favorite, recent

photograph to be considered for

Local Lens. Images must be high

resolution (at least 300 dpi at 8” x 10”,

or 1 MB or larger) and must not be

in print elsewhere. Please include a

short description of the scene/event,

as well as your name, brief biodata

and the type of camera used, to



e stumbled upon this scene during a three-day weekend enjoying the cool, mountain-

ous, coffee-growing region of Angola. Near the town of Seles, a group of children were

gleefully playing on a tank, scrambling all over it and bouncing on the barrel, which still

moved up and down. The pink tutu and the children’s laughter made a powerful contrast

to the remnants of the civil war that had torn the country apart from 1975 to 2002.


Janice Anderson joined the Foreign Service in 2006 and has served in Rwanda, India, Denmark and Angola.

She is heading to Iceland this summer. Her husband, Jerry, is the captain of an 800-foot commercial cargo ship

that carries everything from circus animals, Christmas trees and fresh produce from the United States main-

land to Hawaii, Guam and China. She took this photo with a Canon point-and-shoot camera.