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APRIL 2017


April 2017 Volume 94, No. 3



Focus on U.S.-Europe Relations

24 The Trans-Atlantic Partnership Both Europe and the United States have a vital stake in preserving and improving the trans-Atlantic relationship. By Me n z i e s Camp b e l l 29 The Challenges Facing Europe The questions hanging over the E.U.-U.S. relationship are made all the more daunting by Europe’s own difficulties—economic stagnation and a demographic crisis. By G i l e s Me r r i t t 35 The United States and Europe: Toward a Global Atlantic Globalization and digitalization present as fundamental a challenge to the U.S.-European alliance as the task of rebuilding after World War II. By J o h n Ch r i s t i a n Ko r n b l um 39 From the FSJ Archives: The United States and Europe During the mid-1960s, as tensions grew between the United States and Europe, many sought a re-evaluation and updating of trans-Atlantic ties. By J ame s A . Rams ey




42 Oral History in Real Time: The Maidan Revolution Embassy Kyiv’s oral history project will prove useful to historians and may be a model for other posts interested in instituting “exit interviews” of departing staff. By J o s e p h Roze n s h t e i n