The Foreign Service Journal - April 2017
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APRIL 2017



LeadershipWebinar Draws 50

AFSA State Representatives Don Jacobson (left) and Jason Donovan discuss

leadership questions during a webinar hosted at AFSA headquarters.


On Jan. 25, AFSA hosted a

webinar, “Making Time to

Lead,” at its E Street head-

quarters building.

Speaking with approxi-

mately 50 participants online,

AFSA Governing Board State

Representatives Don Jacob-

son and Jason Donovan

explored why making a place

for regular conversations

about work performance and

professional development is

vital to the optimal function-

ing of a team.

Jacobson and Donovan,

both members of the iLead

initiative, addressed the roles

of supervisors and super-

vised officers and provided

practical advice and deeper

insights into managing work-

place challenges.

They also discussed a

range of professional and

leadership development

initiatives being pursued by

“champions” at the State

Department as well as at

posts abroad.

In the Q&A session that

followed, members asked

about dealing with toxic

management, learning how

to have difficult conversa-

tions and transitioning from

being an action officer to a


The presenters referred

participants to links and

resources that are available

via the AFSA website, www.

For those with access to

the Department of State’s

intranet, a number of other

resources are available

through the department’s

leadership and mentoring


AFSA looks forward to

hosting other leadership

webinars in the near future.

Sign up for AFSAnet emails

for more information about

upcoming events and oppor-


If you have particular

leadership questions or

themes you would like to

address, please contact Allan

Saunders at





—Allan Saunders,

Outreach and

Communications Specialits

AFSAWelcomes NewMembers

In February, AFSA hosted

three recruitment luncheons

at its headquarters building.

On Feb 9, AFSA State

Vice President Angie Bryan

welcomed the 144th Spe-

cialist class (93 members),

speaking to them about the

role of AFSA as a professional

association and labor union.

Members of the 189th

A-100 class (83) attended

a luncheon at AFSA on Feb.

13, and members of the

12th Consular Fellows class

were welcomed on Feb 15.

AFSA President Ambassador

Barbara Stephenson greeted

both classes.

Amb. Stephenson, State

VP Bryan and other mem-

bers of the AFSA Governing

Board were on hand to speak

with new members of the

Foreign Service and answer

their questions about AFSA

and the many ways the asso-

ciation can assist, protect

and advocate for them.




Above (right), AFSA State Representative Susan Danewitz introduces

herself to the new specialists and (left) AFSA Secretary Bill Haugh answers

questions from members of the 189th A-100 class.