The Foreign Service Journal - April 2017
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APRIL 2017



Consent Agenda:

The Governing Board approved the

consent agenda items, which were: (1) the Jan. 4 Gov-

erning Board meeting minutes; (2) the appointment of

Stephen Wixom as FAS representative.

Elections Committee Chair:

On behalf of the Commit-

tee on Elections, AFSA Secretary Bill Haugh moved that

the Governing Board accept the resignation of Mort

Dworken as (Acting) Chair and appoint Susan Wong as

Chair. The motion was approved unanimously.

FSJ Editorial Board:

Speaking as FSJ Editorial Board

representative, Governing Board State Representative

Lawrence Casselle presented a report on the status


The Foreign Service Journal

—recent and upcoming

activities and initiatives. Executive Director Ian Houston

also provided information about the


s advertis-

ing revenue.

Concluding the report, Mr. Casselle noted that five

members of the FSJ Editorial Board would be departing

in summer 2017. He moved that a solicitation be sent to

the AFSA membership seeking volunteers to fill those

spots. The FSJ Editorial Board will review applications

and make appointment recommendations to the Gov-

erning Board. The motion passed unanimously.

Sinclaire Language Awards:

State Representative

Josh Glazeroff, on behalf of the Awards and Plaques

Committee, moved that the Governing Board accept the

recommendations for the recipients of the Matilda W.

Sinclaire Language Awards. The motion was approved

unanimously. The names and biographies of the recipi-

ents will appear in a future issue of the



Resolution on the



After yielding the chair to State

Vice President Angie Bryan, AFSA President Ambas-

sador Barbara Stephenson moved that the Governing

Board recognize the “outstanding work of the Foreign

Service Journal Editorial Board and staff, whose refined

judgment and dedicated service combine in equal mea-

sures to produce one superb edition of

The Foreign Ser-

vice Journal

after another.” The motion was approved




Board Meeting,

February 1, 2017