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MAY 2013
active-duty Foreign Service ofcers and Civil Service employ-
ees, associate members and retired employees of the Depart-
ment of State and the U.S. Agency for International Develop-
ment. It is also the oldest of the 12 State Department employee
afnity groups recognized by the Ofce of Civil Rights.
Speakers at our luncheon meetings (now held on a quarterly
basis) have included Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright,
Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Rodham Clin-
ton, as well as many Foreign Service directors general, under
secretaries for management and ambassadors. We also invite
leaders of nongovernmental organizations and other fgures
from the foreign policy world to address our events.
Lending a Helping Hand
Mentoring continues to be one of TLG’s top priorities, with
special emphasis on entry-level employees. Foreign Service
pioneers like Ambassadors Edward Perkins, Ruth A. Davis,
Harry Tomas and Harriett Elam-Tomas are among the
group’s foremost mentors. Former Deputy Secretary of State
Tomas Nides served as TLG’s most recent leadership liaison
and strongly championed the group’s goals.
In a targeted efort to attract the next generation of career
FSOs, we partnered with the American Foreign Service Asso-
ciation in 1995 to establish a joint internship program. Te
AFSA/TLG internship program introduces minority college
students to international afairs through a 10-week internship
program at State. Two of them, Tejal Shah and Stacy Session,
have entered the Foreign Service, and I am an alumnus of the
program, as well.
Also in 1995, we established the Terence Todman Book
Scholarship to encourage outstanding students at historically
black schools to study and pursue careers in international
afairs. Since its inception, we have given well over $20,000 to
students at Howard, Morehouse, Spelman, Southern Uni-
versity, Rust College, Bethune Cookman University and the
University of the U.S. Virgin Islands.
While TLG’s main mission is to increase participation by
African-Americans in the formulation, articulation and imple-
President Stacy D. Williams presents TLG medallion to then-Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton. TLG member Clayton Bond looks on.