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MAY 2013
groups as part of its efort to attract competitive minority can-
didates for domestic and overseas assignments. Shortly after
her arrival in 2009, the bureau’s former principal deputy assis-
tant secretary, Nancy McEldowney, participated in a round-
table discussion with the leaders of the Tursday Luncheon
Group and other afnity groups on identifying and advancing
diversity initiatives within the bureau. Shortly thereafter, EUR
developed a bureau mission statement incorporating diversity
as a priority objective, a goal that its front ofce has repeatedly
underscored both within the department and to its overseas
Te bureau held periodic brown-bag sessions to orient
candidates to its bidding process, and points of contact within
the bureau quickly responded to questions from candidates.
Ambassador Tina Kaidanow, McEldowney’s successor as
principal DAS, maintained the program’s momentum; shortly
after her arrival, she spoke to a TLG luncheon on the European
Union’s fnancial crisis. Her successor, Marie Yovanovitch, has
assured the group’s leadership that she is equally committed to
the bureau’s diversity goals, and she has already designated an
EUR liaison to TLG.
Because of EUR’s consistent and efective management
approach, we have seen an increase in the number of mid-
level African-American ofcers serving within the bureau.
Such assignments are giving these FSOs vital exposure to the
important issues in the region, and TLG is confdent that, over
time, they will be equipped to competitively bid on and secure
positions of greater responsibility, including principal ofcers,
deputy chiefs of mission and ambassadors. Tey will then bring
overseas experience and expertise to leadership positions in
Celebrating 40 Years
As these initiatives demonstrate, TLG is of to an exhilarat-
ing start in celebrating its 40th anniversary. Just as we enjoyed
an unprecedented level of support for our leadership and man-
agement goals from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
and her team, we look forward to continuing these collabora-
tive eforts under Secretary John Kerry.
We continue to believe that actively recruiting a work
force that refects the American public in all its variety will
strengthen our U.S. foreign policy and serve as a model to
attract even more distinguished African-American Foreign
Service ofcers.
For more details about our activities or to join us, please
visit our Web site,