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MAY 2013
AFSA President Addresses World Afairs Councils
On March 14, AFSA President
Susan R. Johnson addressed
the Savannah Council on
World Afairs at the Coastal
Georgia Center in Savannah,
Ga. Johnson’s lecture tour is
another example of AFSA’s
outreach eforts to educate
people on the critical role
diplomacy plays in the world.
Johnson’s presentation
centered on “The Demands
of Contemporary Diplomacy.”
Her presentation featured
two themes: “What is the role
of diplomacy in an increas-
ingly complex world driven by
demographics, technologi-
cal and information revolu-
tions, globalization and the
phenomenal increase in
global interaction,” and “How
can the United States build
an efective diplomatic cadre
to serve the 21st century
needs of U.S. diplomacy and
advance the global role and
responsibilities of the United
States?” Her talk resonated
with the more than 100
mostly retired professionals
in the audience.
Following the presenta-
tion, Savannah Council
President Justin Godchaux
said, “We tend to think of
the U.S. Diplomatic Corps
as a selection of cushy jobs
in exotic locales, but Susan
Johnson gave us a new and
powerful perspective on the
critical and difcult role that
a diplomat plays. She also
underscored the rigorous
training that diplomats of
other countries are likely to
receive and contrasted that
with the high level of political
patronage assignments and
casual training that many
U.S. diplomats receive. She
addressed the point that
efective diplomacy can avoid
the need for military force,
a belief that is strongly sup-
ported by the U.S. military
itself. It was a powerful
Johnson’s talk can be
heard on
on the monthly newslet-
ters page.
The following day, the
AFSA president addressed
the World Afairs Council
of Hilton Head, S.C. She
covered the same topics, but
to an audience of more than
400. After her talk, WACHH
President Blaine Lotz con-
gratulated her and conveyed
the audience’s reaction by
saying, “Thanks for your visit
and your outstanding, cogent
and exciting presentation;
new and revealing for all of
us. Our speakers program
continues to be the hallmark
of our WAC activities and
your participation in it has
raised it a notch further.”
The World Afairs Councils of
America, located in Wash-
ington, D.C., and founded in
1918, has 83 member coun-
cils in 40 U.S. states, plus
the District of Columbia and
Puerto Rico, with approxi-
mately 80,000 members.
working to engage Americans
in international afairs and
foreign policy. To fnd a coun-
cil near you, please visit
Notice: AFSA Ofcer Election
The 2013 AFSA Ofcer and Governing Board
election is underway. Details about the election
including the rules can be found at
Members will receive candidates’ campaign
literature with the ballot and may also view it on the
AFSAWeb site. Campaigning through an employer
e-mail by any member is prohibited with the excep-
tion of the three pre-approved candidate e-mail
• Ballots: Ballots were mailed on or about April
15. If you did not receive a ballot by May 6, please
• Ballot Tally: On June 6, at 9 a.m., the printed bal-
lots will be picked up from the post ofce in Wash-
ington, D.C. Only printed ballots received in the post
ofce will be counted. Online voting will be available
until 9 a.m. on June 6, after which point the voting
site will close.
• Election Information: Written requests for a
duplicate ballot should be directed to
or AFSA Committee on Elections, 2101
E St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20037. Please include
your full name, current address, e-mail address and
telephone number.
AFSA President
Susan R, Johnson,
fanked by
World Afairs
Council of Hilton
Head program
member Claudia
Kennedy and
WACHH President
Blaine Lotz, during
her presentation
in Savannah, Ga.