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MAY 2013
FS Books: Something for Everyone
The Mini Page
The April 21 edition of
The Mini Page
(a newspaper insert for kids that
appears in approximately 300 Sunday
newspapers across the U.S.) focused
on U.S. diplomats.
The Mini Page
editor found
Inside a U.S. Embassy
useful resource, and when asked, we
gave permission to excerpt one of the
day-in-the-life entries from the book,
along with two of the book’s photos.
In addition,
Inside a U.S. Embassy
Editor Shawn Dorman answered a
set of questions for their background information. Dorman
also arranged for a Q&A with the Foreign Service child of one
of the book’s contributors, which was printed along with a
picture provided by the family. Visit the book page for a link:
Walk into the Embassy!
The Chinese edition of the 2005
a U.S. Embassy
has been published in
China and is available through some of
the largest online shopping sites in the
PRC, including taobao, dangdang and
360buy, as well as on Amazon China
( The initial print run was
2,000 copies, and the price is 24 RMB ($3.86). Embassy
Beijing is purchasing copies for their use. See Talking Points
(p.11) for details and links.
The AFSA History Book Project
The AFSA History
Book Project is
moving along well.
Author and former
FSO Harry Kopp
began work in
October 2012 and
has submitted the
frst two chapters in
draft. The frst chapter looks far back in history at diplomacy
before AFSA (think Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jeferson),
and how the consular and diplomatic services were created
and evolved through the nineteenth century and up until the
Rogers Act of 1924, which created the Foreign Service. The
second chapter takes on “The Birth of AFSA, 1924-1946.” An
article based on his research appeared in the April
Service Journal
for the focus on AFSA’s 40th anniversary as a
Outreach to Universities
As part of the March
launch of the AFSA
partnership with
the University of St.
Thomas, AFSA gave
out 28 comp copies of
Inside a U.S. Embassy
to professors and
deans from various
Texas universities.
In March, Shawn gave a presentation on the Foreign Service
career to graduate students from the University of Pittsburgh
Graduate School of Public and International Afairs (above).
This is the fourth year that students from retired FSO Charles
Skinner’s “Foreign Policy and Diplomacy” course have visited
AFSA during a trip to Washington, D.C.
Outreach to High Schools
Embassy Risk Management, a company that provides
international property and auto insurance to members of the
Foreign Service and other U.S. expatriates serving overseas,
has given a grant to AFSA for $6,000. This will fund the
purchase (at cost) and distribution/mailing of approximately
700 copies of I
nside a U.S. Embassy
to U.S. public inner-
city and lower-income-area high schools (a traditionally
underserved demographic), to promote awareness of the
Foreign Service among young Americans.