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MAY 2013
The SmarT ChoiCe for WaShingTon, DC
Fully Furnished short-termApArtment rentAls
(888) 812-3545
(202) 747-1800
TDY Per Diem Rates
30 Days Stay or Longer
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Operated Business
AFSA's popular Book
Notes series continues on
Wednesday, May 22, when we
are pleased to present author
Peter Spiers and his book,
Master Class: Living Longer,
Stronger and Happier
Press, 2012). Spiers is a
senior vice president at Road
Scholar, a Boston-based,
not-for-proft organization
dedicated to educational
travel. AFSA has ofered
Road Scholar programs since
Road Scholar participants
AFSA Book Notes Presents a
Master Class
can be seen in communi-
ties throughout the coun-
try—those amazingly hale,
hearty and happy older folks
who are having fun, have a
million friends, are sharp as
tacks and look like they'll live
forever. Their secret is an
active lifestyle that blends
moving, thinking, socializing
and creating.
Through inspirational
stories from active seniors,
supported by the latest
research in the felds of psy-
chology and neuro-science,
Master Class
shows how to
build an enriching lifestyle
on a foundation of favorite
activities. Spiers provides
easy-to-follow charts that
allow readers to break out of
their daily routines by flling
the gaps with a selection
from 25 "Master Activities,"
such as learning a musical
instrument, playing tennis or
Spiers spent his child-
hood in the Foreign Service.
His father, Ronald Spiers,
served as U.S. ambassador
to Turkey, Pakistan and the
Bahamas; assistant secre-
tary of state for intelligence
and research; and under
secretary of State for man-
agement, among many other
Master Class
will take place at AFSA, 2101
E Street NW, Washington,
D.C., at 2 p.m., on May 22.
Books will be available for
purchase. Please RSVP to