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he people at the
office have been some-
what surprised, and a little miffed, at the lack of
reader comment on the changes in the magazine’s
appearance in the last couple of issues. Hasn’t anybody
noticed? When the
Saturday Evening Post
a radical face-lifting operation a few years ago, the
reaction, pro and con, was convulsive. We wouldn’t like
people writing in to cancel their subscriptions, as some
SEP readers did, but we expected at least a few oral or
epistolary twitches. …
So far (at this writing) nobody has pointed out that the eagle on our title
page is looking the wrong way: anyway, in the wrong direction from the eagle on
the United States Seal. No insubordination or heresy intended: his pose does
not indicate an ideological shift to the left. The artist insisted he had to face that
way, outward toward the magazine title rather than inward away from it.
We choose to believe that the absence of protests means that
ers are, as a group, open-minded, receptive to change and experiment. Not just
—From“Washington Letter,” by Ted Olson,
, May 1964.
50 Years Ago
ments and a robust online presence, the
campaign has a wide reach. The website
features a “My EXIT Plan toolkit” to
encourage people to get involved in rais-
ing awareness about trafficking.
In November 2013, MTV EXIT
launched the MTV EXIT Blog (mtvexit.
org/blog/) to chronicle the work of youth
leaders and activists across the Asia
Pacific region. The blog has a friendly
and dynamic layout, and is overflow-
ing with resources
to help activists get
involved. It also
provides resources to
help those at risk stay
Using art and
music to connect
with the target demo-
graphic (young people), the site features
videos and photos from the campaign.
It also profiles the artists and bands who
have already joined the cause, such as
South Korean girl band Simple Plan and
Thai band Slot Machine.
MTV EXIT includes a link on its front
ists can make a difference.
Bret Matera, Editorial Intern
Courtesy of USAID Jakarta
MTV EXIT concert in
Surabaya, Indonesia.
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