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MAY 2014
Show Me Diplomacy!
To celebrate the 90th anniversary of AFSA and
the Foreign Service, AFSA is assembling a slide-
show that will be shown at AFSA events throughout
the year and posted on our website.
Please share a Foreign Service memory with us
by sending a photograph that represents diplomacy
and a memory from your career. Our goal is to show
the last 90 years of the Foreign Service through
your lens. We want all types of photos: happy or
sad, a person, place or animal or object. Show us
diplomacy in action!
Please send just one picture and include your
name and a caption giving the location of the photo
and the year it was taken. Submit your photo by
e-mail to
, use #90FS on Instagram,
or leave your photo as a comment on AFSA’s Face-
book page.
AFSA Honors Toni Tomasek on Foreign Affairs Day
Each year on Foreign Affairs
Day, we have the solemn duty
and honor to recognize some
of the best of the Foreign
Service—those who gave
their lives while on duty, in
pursuit of the highest goals
of American diplomacy and
On May 2, AFSA Presi-
dent Robert Silverman leads
AFSA’s memorial ceremony
in gratitude for the service
and sacrifice of the 244
individuals already inscribed
on our memorial plaques in
the Department of State’s
C Street lobby. This year,
another name joins this roll
of honor as Antoinette “Toni”
Beaumont Tomasek becomes
the 245th honoree at our
81st memorial ceremony.
A returned Peace Corps
Volunteer and specialist in
international public health
and intercultural educa-
tion, Toni began her Foreign
Service career with the U.S.
Agency for International
Development in 2009. In
postings from Indonesia to
Haiti, she worked to better
the lives of others.
In Haiti she ensured that
a local clinic had adequate
supplies to treat the children
of the community. Tragically,
on June 29, 2013, at the age
of 41, she was killed in a car
accident on her way back
from that clinic to the USAID
mission in Port-au-Prince.
In Indonesia, where she
was a development leader-
ship initiative officer, she
established a groundbreak-
ing program that offered
grants to local organizations
working to prevent and treat
tuberculosis. She was also
one of the principal authors
of Indonesia’s Global Health
Initiative strategy, which
continues to guide the work
of USAID Indonesia.
Toni was tireless in her
fight to make the world a
better place, and brought
to the Foreign Service years
of experience designing
and implementing health
Before becoming a dip-
lomat, she studied in Spain
and Brazil, served as a PCV
in Paraguay, worked in the
United States with migrant
and seasonal farming commu-
nities, and was a health lead
for the Inter-American and
Pacific region at Peace Corps
headquarters inWashington,
Toni’s career speaks to
her nature as a humanitar-
ian and exemplary diplomat.
Her unwavering dedication
to development and for-
eign assistance positively
improved the lives of many
vulnerable families.
Her husband, Adam, and
their two children, Alex (9)
and Amelie (7), cherish the
memory of her commitment,
kindness and energy.
Toni Tomasek’s legacy is a
true testament to the
sacrifice and accom-
plishment inherent in a
Foreign Service career.
Secretary of State
John Kerry and USAID
Administrator Rajiv
Shah will both make
remarks in Toni’s
honor during the May
2 memorial ceremony.
We ask that all mem-
bers of the Foreign
Service community
take a moment on that
morning to remember
Toni and the 244 indi-
viduals who precede
her on the memorial
–Perri Green,
Special Awards and
Outreach Coordinator
Toni was tireless in her fight to make the
world a better place.
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