The Foreign Service Journal - May 2014 - page 56

MAY 2014
Department of State by State
In March, the Department
of State’s Bureau of Public
Diplomacy and Public Affairs
introduced a new online
interactive map that shows
the effect the department,
its personnel and American
diplomacy have in each of
the 50 states.
A rich source of informa-
tion, the map is an exemplary
public outreach tool. For
instance, by using the map
you can illustrate that the
Department of State’s pro-
grams help support 130,000
jobs in Montana, $8.9 billion
in exports fromArkansas,
$1.2 billion in services ex-
ported by Maine companies
and a $7.3 million contribution
On April 2, AFSA had the
pleasure of hosting the
United Nations Association
of the National Capital Area
as it presented its Lifetime
Achievement Award to
Ambassador Edward Perkins.
Dedicated to enhancing
support for the U.N. in the
United States, the UNA-NCA
is one of AFSA’s partner
Amb. Perkins is a true
Foreign Service legend. He
broke countless barriers as
an African-American diplo-
mat, and served as ambassa-
dor to Liberia, South Africa,
the United Nations and
The first African-Ameri-
can to serve in South Africa,
his appointment garnered
international attention and
some controversy. Later, he
became the first African-
UNA-NCA Honors Amb. Edward Perkins at AFSA
American director general of
the Foreign Service. In that
position, he spearheaded
significant Foreign Service
AFSA Executive Director
Ian Houston welcomed the
large crowd that gathered
to celebrate Amb. Perkins
and his inspiring life in the
Foreign Service.
UNA-NCA President
Ambassador Donald Bliss
introduced Amb. Perkins,
who regaled the audience
during a moderated con-
versation with UNA-NCA’s
Recardo Gibson. Despite
being 85 years old, the
statesman remains a capti-
vating storyteller.
Following the discussion,
Liberian Ambassador to
the United States Jeremiah
Sulunteh came forward to
present the award to Amb.
Perkins. It was a touching
moment, and affirmation of
an admirable and pioneering
life of devotion to diplomacy
and human rights. AFSA was
honored to play a part in rec-
ognizing Amb. Perkins for his
innumerable contributions
to the Foreign Service.
AFSA looks forward to
continuing the partner-
ship with UNA-NCA, and we
expect to offer additional
joint events later this year.
You may learn more about
–Ásgeir Sigfússon,
Director of New Media
to Alaska’s fishing industry.
There are numerous such
facts for each state, includ-
ing the number of foreign
individuals on a work- or
study-based international
visitor exchange program
in the state, the number of
residents holding passports
and information on notable
state residents who have been
The map is available
–Ásgeir Sigfússon,
Director of New Media
From left to right: UNA-NCA Director-at-Large Recardo Gibson, UNA-NCA
Executive Director Paula Boland, UNA-NCA Africa Committee Co-Chair
Lydia Kwawu, UNA-NCA President Ambassador Donald T. Bliss, Ambassador
Edward Perkins and AFSA Executive Director Ian M. Houston.
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