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MAY 2015





ince 2010,

has been a valuable resource

for those who enjoy reading long-form magazine

articles from many different publications, but perhaps

cannot subscribe to every magazine they would like to



curators select five to six high-quality

articles, running 2,000 words or more, from well-known

media outlets each day.

While recommendations are mostly current, they

occasionally choose classic nonfiction reports and

essays, as well. Both newspaper and magazine articles

are considered, from all over the Web and all over the


Past selections are organized into collections: arts and

culture, business, crime, media, science, sports, technol-

ogy, politics and war. The articles are often investigative

in nature, but the site also features personal narratives,

feature stories and opinion pieces.

Many publications release “longform” journalistic

content every day;

helps you find the best pieces,

from both large and small media

outlets, without having to search

each publication’s website.

The site does a great service to readers who are short

on time or are looking to discover new authors and publi-

cations. The free phone/tablet app allows offline reading,

and gives the reader the option to follow their favorite

writers and publications by keeping a record of new con-

tent from those sources.

The site also releases a weekly podcast featuring a

conversation with a well-known journalist or nonfiction

writer on their writing process and past publications.

Guests have included Gay Talese, Susan Orlean, Janet

Reitman, Rukmini Callimachi, Lewis Lapham and Ta-

Nehisi Coates.

—Shannon Mizzi, Editorial Intern

elections in the Maldives, Nasheed

replaced the autocratic Maumoon Abdul

Gayoom, who had been in power for 30


Nasheed became an international

figure in 2009, when he held an

underwater cabinet meeting to bring

attention to climate change. He

founded the Climate Vulnerability

Forum in 2009 to bring together

other vulnerable countries and put

in place a government commitment

for the Maldives to be carbon-neu-

tral within a decade (by 2019).

The award-winning 2011 documentary “The Island Presi- dent” tells the story of the forme


president’s quest to convince

the world community to act on

climate change: “After leading a

20-year pro-democracy move-

ment against the brutal regime of

Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, surviv-

ing repeated imprisonments and torture,

Nasheed became president at age 41, only

to encounter a far more implacable adver-

sary than a dictator: climate change.”

In April, 100 divers held an underwater

demonstration in the Maldives calling for

the release of former President Mohamed