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MAY 2015



AFSAAdds Two Names to Memorial Plaques on

Foreign Affairs Day

Each year on Foreign Affairs

Day, the American Foreign

Service Association honors

the sacrifices of those who

died while serving abroad in

pursuit of the highest goals

of American diplomacy, and

development in a memo-

rial ceremony in front of the

AFSA Memorial Plaques.

On May 1, AFSA President

Robert Silverman will lead

the ceremony in front of the

plaques in the Department

of State’s C Street lobby.

Secretary of State John

Kerry is scheduled to offer

remarks honoring the fallen

diplomats. The ceremony

will recognize the 245 people

whose names have been

inscribed during the past 82

years and will mark the addi-

tion of two new names: David

Collins and Rayda “Raydita”

Nadal will become the 246th

and 247th names on the

AFSA Memorial Plaques.

David Collins

joined the

Foreign Service in 2009 as a

financial management officer.

He served in Pretoria from

2009 to 2012, and then as a

financial management officer

at the U.S. consulate general

in Lagos from 2012 to 2013.

Prior to joining the Foreign

Service, Collins, an ordained

minister with the Assem-

blies of God, worked for the

denomination in Illinois from

1988 to 2003, and for its

Brussels office from 2003 to

2009. His family describes

him as having been moti-

vated by a love of God and


His co-workers remember

him as a team player who

embodied ingenuity, integrity

and commitment to excel-

lence. He was respected for

his leadership and seen as a

friend by his colleagues.

Mr. Collins died in a

drowning accident off the

coast of Nigeria in 2013, at

the age of 58. He is survived

by his wife, Donna, and their

four children; Danelle Spalla,

Daniel Collins, Deanna Collins

and David Collins; and one

granddaughter, Danelle’s

daughter, Eloise.

Rayda Nadal

joined the

Foreign Service in 2008 as an

office management special-

ist. She worked in the eco-

nomic section of Embassy

Kuwait City from 2008 to

2010, then served as a rover

in Kabul. Following a year in

Nassau, she worked from

2011 to 2013 in the Office

of Protocol in Washington,

D.C., where she was an OMS

for Ambassador Capricia

Marshall. In 2013 she began

an assignment as an OMS

with the Office of Engineering

Services in Moscow.

Described by friends and

colleagues as “a ray of sun-

shine,” Nadal was an upbeat

and positive person who,

according to an OMS class-

mate, “lived this crazy and

unusual lifestyle with pride

and always with a smile.” She

was an avid reader, writer

and collector of books. She

was also known for a quick

wit and a ready smile.

Ms. Nadal was injured in a

gas explosion in her Moscow

apartment on May 22, 2014.

She died four days later at

a hospital in Sweden, at the

age of 37. She is survived

by her parents, Jimmy and

Rayda, and sister, Lisa.

We ask that all members

of the Foreign Service com-

munity take a moment on

the morning of May 1, Foreign

Affairs Day, to remember

David Collins, Rayda Nadal

and the 245 men and women

who preceded them on the

AFSA Memorial Plaques.


–Leo Martin and

Kavanaugh Waddell,

Awards Interns


The AFSA Memorial Plaques.

David Collins


Rayda “Raydita” Nadal