The Foreign Service Journal - May 2016
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MAY 2016


May 2016

Volume 93, No. 4




Chiefs-of-Mission Breakfast /65 USAID Administrator Calls for Full OCP /65 VP Voice State—Avoiding the Overpayment Hassle /66 VP Voice USAID—Federal Student Loan Repayment Program / 67 VP Voice FAS—Self Help /68 AFSA Honors Sinclaire Language Award Recipients / 68 AFSA Governing Board Meeting / 69 Retiree Corner / 70 Partners in Global Education / 72 Keene Scholarship Established / 72 Strengthening Overseas Security / 72


President’s Views /7 Structuring the Conversation BY BARBARA STEPHENSON Letter from the Editor / 8 Here’s to Life After the Foreign Service BY SHAWN DORMAN Speaking Out /17 Hippocrates and Hobbes, Assad and ISIS BY RAYMOND SMITH Reflections / 88 Israelit Friedhof: A Forgotten Cemetery in Vienna BYJEFFREYGLASSMAN


Letters / 9 Talking Points / 12 Books / 73 In Memory / 75 Local Lens /90


Classifieds / 81 Real Estate / 84 Index to Advertisers / 87

On the Cover:

After the Foreign Service—clockwise, from top left: Brian Carlson, pilot, and

his Cirrus SR-22 airplane; Juan Becerra, front left, on assignment as a re-employed annui-

tant in Brazzaville; Robert H. Curtis, at right, karate instructor; Diana Page, cook, reader and

opinionated citizen resident in Maine and Chile, with her husband in the Atacama region

of Chile; W. Gary Gray, United Nations official in East Timor; and, Deborah Hart, a certified

permaculture designer and primal blueprint expert, doing volunteer work with Interfaith

Food Shuttle. All photos courtesy of the named individuals. Some of the retired FS members

pictured here do not have essays in this issue; their stories will appear in Part II of “What

We’re Doing Now” in the July-August




Retirement Planning 101 / 20 Life after the Foreign Service begins with planning. Here’s how to get started. BY JOHN K . NALAND Retiring Early and Finding Your “Ever After” / 24 Early, voluntary retirement can open the door to pursue your dreams. BY DEAN J . HAAS From Consul General to Police Volunteer / 28 Police work offered me a way to keep on watching that endless parade of human experience that I loved as a consular officer. BY ANN B . S I DES Playing the “REA” Game—FS Work in Retirement / 31 Re-employment as an annuitant is an important option for retirees. Here’s how it works. BY LAWRENCE COHEN It Takes a Village / 34 A growing trend helps Foreign Service retirees to finally settle down. BY MARTHA THOMAS What We’re Doing Now / 37 BY FORMER AND RET I RED MEMBERS OF THE FORE I GN SERV I CE


Delivering Foreign Agricultural Aid to Africa— What Works? / 59 The record of U.S. agricultural development assistance in Africa over the years is uneven. Here’s how involving agribusiness and trade associations can help. BY BARRY H I L L