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MAY 2016



Consent Agenda:

On a motion from Retiree Vice Presi-

dent Tom Boyatt, the board approved the consent agenda

items. These included (1) the Feb. 3 Governing Board

minutes; (2) the appointment of USAID Foreign Service

Officer Sait Mboob to serve on the USAID Standing Com-

mittee; (3) the continuation of Ambassador (ret.) Charles

Ray as a member on the Profession and Ethics Commit-

tee; (4) the appointment of FSO Marika Zadva to serve on

the PEC; and (5) the Awards Committee’s recommended

recipients of the 2015 Sinclaire Language Award. The

motion passed unanimously.

Legal Defense Fund Standard Operating Procedures:

On a motion by State Representative Peter Neisuler, the

board approved standard operating procedures (SOP)

defining the types of cases and eligibility criteria for pro-

viding financial assistance from the LDF to an AFSAmem-

ber; the procedures for submitting an application request-

ing assistance and for evaluating requests for assistance;

and the administration of the financial disbursement.

Per the SOP, the fund may provide financial assistance

to an AFSAmember who is involved in a legal matter that

(a) has potentially far-reaching significance to members

of the Foreign Service; or (b) involves issues of institu-

tional importance to the Foreign Service; and (c) exceeds

the case management capacity of the AFSA Labor Man-

agement Staff and/or (d) requires an outside attorney

with expertise in a particular area of law not available in

the AFSA Labor Management Staff.

Requests for financial assistance from the fund are

subject to AFSA approval and may be made by: (a) all

dues-paying regular members as defined in AFSA’s Bylaws

(i.e., current or former members of the Foreign Service as

AFSAGoverning Board Meeting, March 2, 2015

defined by Sections 103 (paragraphs 1 to 5) and 202 of the

Foreign Service Act of 1980, or successor legislation); (b)

members whose cases meet the criteria outlined in the pre-

vious paragraph; and (c) members whose cases relate to the

member’s performance of his or her official duties or that

arise from the member’s duty or status as a current or for-

mer Foreign Service employee. Financial assistance will not

be available to accommodate requests made by members

retroactively for legal fees that have already been incurred.

The motion passed unanimously.

Proposed Legislation on Administrative Leave:

On a

motion by USAID Representative Jeffrey Cochrane, the

board agreed to table discussion on the S.2450 Administra-

tive Leave Act—which, if enacted, would limit agencies’ use

of administrative leave—until the board has more informa-

tion on how the proposed legislation may affect the Foreign

Service. The motion passed unanimously.

Finance, Audit and Management Committee Report:

Treasurer Chuck Ford provided a positive report on the

association’s investment performance and budget execution

in 2015. The FAM Committee is planning to form working

groups to look at ways to enhance fundraising and revenue,

alignment of expenditures with strategic priorities, perfor-

mance measurement and the investment policy.

Consular Adjudicator Gap:

State Vice President Angie

Bryan led the board in discussion of basic principles that

should govern AFSA’s approach to working with the Depart-

ment of State on options for resolving the consular adjudica-

tor gap.


AFSAAnnual Report 2015 Published

The AFSA Annual Report

2015 is now available online



AFSA President Barbara

Stephenson writes the intro-

duction, setting out the goals

of the Strong Diplomacy

Governing Board. This is fol-

lowed by contributions from

each of the constituency

vice presidents, as well as

AFSA Executive Director Ian

Houston. The report details

AFSA’s 2015 activities, from

awards to scholarships,

outreach to advocacy, as well

as the work AFSA does on

behalf of its members.

To reduce costs and be

eco-friendly, we are making

the report available online

to all members. To request

a paper copy, while supplies

last, please email member@ with the subject line

“Annual Report.”