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MAY 2017


The Wrong Image

The cover of the March

Foreign Ser-

vice Journal

is hauntingly emblematic of

what is wrong with U.S. foreign policy in

Afghanistan and, sadly, elsewhere.

The image of dedicated Diplomatic

Security personnel and contractors

risking life and limb to protect fluttering

female officers and tennis-shoe-clad

“diplomats“ and “development special-

ists” makes it seem like a cute game

that, tragically, demonstrates the folly

of our castrated foreign policy mecha-


I wonder whether this image bothers

anyone else?

All I gather is that the Department of

State and Foreign Service professionals

have been relegated to roles where they

write in groupthink to rue the tough

deals that the Trump administration

must make to restore our leadership in

the world.


Thomas R. Hutson

FSO, retired

Eagle, Nebraska

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