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JUNE 2013
and the United States, was cast from an
open call for volunteers, although Miller
has worked with local dachshund clubs
hunds because they have a “restricted
form” with their tiny legs, but are
“still very proud and
determined and quite
beautiful animals.”
He adds that there
is a “racial diversity in
the breed,” with long
and short hair and
varying colors, that is
“similar to humanity.”
Miller, who has
on greyhounds and reconstructions of
the Berlin Zoo, has presented “Dachs-
hund U.N.” elsewhere, but this was its
North American debut. It was also the
first time it had been performed in an
indoor theater.
This budget cares for our most valuable resource, and
that’s the personnel, the men and women of the State
Department and USAID who are on the front lines.
We have requested $4.4 billion to fortify our worldwide security
protection and improve our overseas infrastructure. $2.2 billion
of this is set aside for constructing secure diplomatic facilities.
And this is part of our commitment to implement in full the
recommendations of the independent Accountability Review
Board, so that we can mitigate the risk of future tragedies like
the one we suffered last year in Benghazi.
I’m not going to come here and promise you we’re not
going to see another terrible incident. There’s no way anybody
can promise you that. We can’t have 100-percent security. We
can do the best we can, and we can probably address some of
that today. Just two weeks ago I was in Afghanistan, and one
of my control officers, Anne Smedinghoff, who was just laid
to rest today, was a superb, brilliant, bright, committed Foreign
Service officer.
She took part in a major women’s event that we did there.
And she wanted to make a difference in the world, and she
was delivering books in Urdu to kids among the millions of
kids going to school because of what we’ve been able to do to
change. And this was the type of thing that’s been happening.
There have been a thousand of those events, and it was just
the wrong moment, wrong time. But Anne and Ambassador
Chris Stevens represent the same kind of quality of individual
that comes to work in this endeavor, which is taking America’s
values and our interests and trying to share them with other
people in the world, and trying to open up opportunities for
them and make the world a safer and better place.
This has been a hard year for the State Department family,
a family that knows exactly how risky the work that we signed
up for can be in a dangerous world. As Secretary, my job is to
make sure we protect these people, and frankly, it’s all of our
job. I think you know that we cannot do it by retreating from
the world.
We stand for optimism. We stand for opportunity. We stand
for equality. And we stand in opposition to all those who would
replace hope with hate, who replace peace with violence and
war. That’s what we believe. That’s what America
is at the best, and those are the values of the State
Department and USAID that I intend to defend every
single day.
— Excerpted from Secretary of State John Kerry’s April 17 opening
remarks at hearings on the Fiscal Year 2014 foreign affairs budget,
held by th
and b
Here is how Emily Senger describes
rises, the crowd laughs and applauds.
Calls of ‘Ella, over here, Ella!’ and
‘Walter! Walter!’ punctuate the buzz of
conversation, as owners in the audience
attempt to get their dogs to perform, or
at least look toward the crowd.
“After 50 minutes, the curtain drops
and the audience groans, something
that never happens at the conclusion of
a real United Nations Commission on
Human Rights [session].”
As we go to press, Miller is in Mon-
treal to cast local dogs for a May 24-26
run of “Dachshund U.N.” at the Mon-
treal Festival TransAmerique.
—Steven Alan Honley, Editor
Contemporary Quote
Dachshund U.N., created by Bennett Miller (Australia) and
photographed by Misha Teixeira.
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