Foreign Service Journal - June 2013 - page 50

JUNE 2013
On May 3, the U.S. Agency
for International Develop-
ment honored Dale J. Gredler
and Eugene F. Sullivan, two
Foreign Service officers
who died while serving their
country, during a memorial
plaque ceremony held in the
agency’s lobby in the Ronald
Reagan Building. Family
members, friends and former
colleagues joined represen-
tatives from the American
Foreign Service Association
and the American Federation
of Government Employees
to hear USAID Administrator
Rajiv Shah pay tribute to the
FSOs. Before the ceremony,
Administrator Shah invited
family members to meet with
him privately in his office.
Dale J. Gredler joined
USAID in 2001 after working
for the Federal Emergency
Management Agency as
an emergency manage-
ment program specialist.
He started out as a financial
management specialist
before becoming a Foreign
Service contracting officer
in 2004. Dale and his fam-
ily’s first overseas post was
Jakarta, where he fulfilled a
critical role during the recon-
struction efforts following
the devastating earthquake
and tsunami.
In 2009, Dale and his
family transferred to USAID’s
Central Asian Republics
regional mission in Almaty.
After a few months at post,
Dale was evacuated to Lon-
don for medical treatment,
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USAID Honors Two of Its Own on Foreign Affairs Day
Top, Eugene F. Sullivan’s
family with Mrs. Sullivan in
the middle; Caroline Gredler
with Administrator Raj Shah;
Robert Sullivan affixes his
father’s plaque, as Raj Shah
looks on; Caroline Gredler
addresses friends and family;
opera singer Bumie Dada
opens the ceremony with the
National Anthem.
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