Foreign Service Journal - June 2013 - page 53

JUNE 2013
This year marks the 65th
anniversary of the State
Department’s Office of
International Conferences.
Commemorative events in
September will mark the
occasion with highlights of
IO/C’s long history of accred-
iting delegates to multilateral
AFSA members can
provide assistance to our
colleagues by lending pho-
tographs and memorabilia
of conferences they have
attended. IO/C is seeking
photos or artifacts show-
ing multilateral diplomacy
in action—negotiations,
meetings, treaty signings
and anything else you might
come up with. The proposed
exhibition will also include
written materials.
If you would like to be
a part of this significant
Help Celebrate Diplomacy In Action
anniversary, please contact
IO/C Director Rick Weston at
your list of possible items
to loan. Contributions after
1948 and from any interna-
tional/multilateral organiza-
tion will be accepted. Ideally,
you were accredited to that
organization or conference
and can provide a short
caption or description of
what your photo or artifact
depicts. Please note that
IO/C will return your materi-
als upon request.
We know that AFSA mem-
bers have a treasure trove
of memorabilia from their
careers. We are counting on
you to come forward with
wonderful material to make
IO/C’s 65
-anniversary cel-
ebration a truly memorable
As part of the association’s congressional outreach efforts, AFSA President
Susan R. Johnson meets with Congressman Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., on
May 14.
Save the Date:
2013 AAFSW Art and Book Fair
The 2013 Art & Book Fair
of the Associates of the
American Foreign Service
Worldwide will take place
from Friday, Oct.18 to
Sunday, Oct. 27, in the
Diplomatic Exhibit Hall
in the Harry S Truman
The fair will feature books, jewelry, art, collect-
ibles, stamps and coins from all over the world. 
Proceeds benefit Foreign Service families and the
AAFSW Scholarship Fund. 
Donations of rare books, jewelry, art items,
stamps and coins are now being accepted. To have
your donations picked-up, please call (202) 223-
5796 or e-mail
If you are interested in volunteering to help us
out during this annual event, please contact Art and
Book Fair Chairperson Judy Felt at (703) 370-1414.
If you love books and exotic items, you won’t be
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