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This unconscionable act was committed by a terrorist group deter-
mined to keep these girls from getting an education—grown men
attempting to snuff out the aspirations of young girls.
—First Lady Michelle Obama on the kidnapping of Nigerian girls, delivering the
Contemporary Quote
seek relocation of MEK members to third
countries. We are working closely w/U.N.
and U.S. on this resolution.”
The discussion then turned to the
recent arrests of prominent opposition
figures by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri
al-Maliki, which Amb. Faily dismissed by
asserting that the “judiciary in Iraq is inde-
pendent of executive. We are still working
to strengthen the professionalism of our
Asked whether Iraq believes that Syrian
President Bashir al-Assad “must go,” the
ambassador would only say: “We believe
in a democratic resolution to conflict. A
primary objective of Iraqi people is to stop
bloodshed.” He added: “Serious dialogue
must take place btwn Syrian stakeholders.
Otherwise war of attrition btwn themwill
never lead to peace.”
To read the full conversation, follow@
FailyLukman on Twitter, or search for the
hashtag #AskIraq.
—Bret Matera, Editorial Intern
Happy Birthday, Ben!
n the June 2013 edition of Talking Points
“), we
spotlighted Australian artist Bennett Mill-
” show, which posed
36 adorable dachshunds as United Nations
Human Rights Commission delegates.
reviewer Allison Meier
noted that the show had plenty of barking
and biting, and sometimes the “del-
egates” even lunged at each other.
Here in Washington, Secretary of State
John Kerry tried to keep barking from
degenerating into biting by having a single
pooch on stage: Ben, a yellow Labrador
retriever. Sec. Kerry noted that State’s
new top dog was named for Benjamin
Franklin, America’s first diplomat, and is
affectionately known as “Diplomutt.”
celebrated his first birthday in style
on April 22. Sec. Kerry set up a Twitter
account for the pup (@DiploMutt), and
promptly tweeted him a “happy birthday”
message. No sooner had the tweet gone
live than Ben had 615 followers; by May
15, he had 1,516.
Two days later, Ben’s dad brought him
to a “Take Your Child to Work” event at
the State Department. The pup behaved
himself for most of Kerry’s brief remarks,
though he did jump on the female sign
language interpreter. (Bad dog!)
following ad-lib from the Secretary:
“Whoops. Sit, sit, sit, sit. He’s learning.
He’s 1 year old yesterday, two days ago.
Whoops. (Laughter.) Sit. He’s learning,
slowly. He’s getting there.”
Itkowitz concludes her report by ask-
ing, “Should Kerry consider trying some
of those obedience techniques on [Rus-
sian President Vladimir] Putin?”
—Steven Alan Honley,
Contributing Editor
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