The Foreign Service Journal - June 2014 - page 49

JUNE 2014
On May 1, the United States
Agency for International
Development held a service
to honor the life of Antoinette
“Toni” Beaumont Tomasek, a
former Peace Corps Volun-
teer and USAID Foreign Ser-
vice officer who died last year
while serving her country in
Held in the main lobby of
the Ronald Reagan Building,
the memorial was attended
by 13 of Toni’s family mem-
bers and her friends and
former colleagues, as well
as AFSA President
Robert Silverman
and Acting Director
General of the U.S.
Foreign Service Hans
selor Susan Reichle
opened with a tribute
to Toni and her work,
honoring her as a
“wonderful embodi-
ment of what USAID
is all about” and
challenging the audience to
emulate her.
After Maria Marigliano
sang the national anthem,
Adam Tomasek, Toni’s
husband of 12 years, rose to
speak stoically of her life and
how her “enduring smile” will
be remembered by all.
USAID Administrator Rajiv
Shah also spoke, recalling
Toni’s warmth and inspiring
character and concluding
that she would always be
remembered by the “whole
U.S. Foreign Service family.”
A tile bearing her name
USAID Honors Antoinette “Toni”Tomasek
was then added to the
memorial wall of fallen offi-
cers by Adam and Toni’s two
children, Alexandre and Ame-
lie. The Beaumont-Tomasek
family was then presented
with two memorial tribute
wreaths and the condolences
of a long line of bereaved
Toni received a bachelor’s
degree in environmental
engineering from California
Polytechnic State University
at San Luis Obispo, and a
master’s degree in sociology
from American University.
She served as
a community
health specialist
with an exper-
tise in water,
sanitation and cross-cultural
education, and was fluent in
Spanish, Indonesian, French,
Guarani and, as her husband
put it, “the universal lan-
guage of compassion.”
Her professional career
took her across Latin Amer-
ica, the Caribbean, Africa and
Asia, garnering her a wealth
of experience and making her
a highly respected member
of USAID at the young age
of 41.
Toni joined the Foreign
Service in 2009, completing
her first tour as a develop-
ment leadership initiative
officer in Indonesia, where
she helped to establish an
innovative program that
offered grants to local orga-
nizations working to prevent
and treat tuberculosis.
Arriving in Haiti last May
to begin her second tour, she
quickly established herself
as a valuable member of
the mission, and was soon
consumed with helping the
Haitian people—especially
children—to live better lives.
Tragically, on June 26 of last
year, Toni was involved in
a car accident and passed
away three days later from
complications of the crash.
–Bret Matera,
Editorial Intern
Above, Marilyn Beaumont and Adam Tomasek help the
Tomasek children to place the memorial tile for their mother
on USAID’s wall of fallen officers. At left, USAID Counselor
Susan Reichle opens the USAID memorial for Ms. Tomasek
on May 1 at the Ronald Reagan Building.
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