The Foreign Service Journal - June 2014 - page 54

JUNE 2014
As part of our efforts to
celebrate the 90th anniver-
sary of AFSA and the Foreign
Service, we have worked
collaboratively with elected
and appointed officials to
educate the American public
about the contributions of
Foreign Service employees to
national security, economic
prosperity and job creation.
With almost 3,000
members of the Foreign
Service domiciled in the
Commonwealth of Virginia,
we are proud to report that
the Virginia General Assem-
bly has passed House Joint
Resolution No. 406, which
was offered on Feb. 28, com-
mending the American For-
eign Service Association and
honoring the Foreign Service
on its 90th anniversary.
The resolution, which
received bipartisan sup-
port in both the House of
Delegates and Senate, was
introduced by AFSA’s friend
and supporter, Delegate
Alfonso Lopez (49th District),
with the backing of 36 mem-
bers of the Virginia General
Our supporters in the
Assembly were delegates
Lopez, Bulova, Carr, Cole,
Dance, Davis, Helsel, Herring,
Hester, Hope, James, Keam,
Kory, Krupicka, LeMunyon,
Morrissey, Plum, Rasoul,
Sickles, Simon, Stolle, Surov-
ell, Tyler, Ware and Watts. In
the Senate, we received the
support of senators Barker,
Ebbin, Edwards, Favola, Gar-
rett, Howell, Marsh, Puckett,
Saslaw, Wagner and Wexton.
We are appreciative of
Delegate Lopez’s leadership
and offer this success story
as another example of how
AFSA works diligently to
promote public understand-
ing of the many outstanding
contributions of Foreign Ser-
vice employees to American
Foreign Service Day
On March 4, Senate
Foreign Relations Committee
Chairman Robert Menen-
dez, D-N.J., introduced S.
Res. 369, a resolution to
designate May 22 as “United
States Foreign Service Day”
in recognition of the men and
women who have served, or
are presently serving, in the
U.S. Foreign Service, and to
honor those members of the
Foreign Service who have
given their lives in the line of
Co-sponsors as of May
14 were Senators Sheldon
Whitehouse, D-R.I., Ben
Cardin, D-Md., Mark Warner,
D-Va., Tim Kaine, D-Va., and
Richard Durbin, D-Ill.
In the House of Represen-
tatives, House Committee
on Foreign Affairs member
Representative Juan Vargas,
D-Calif., a member of the
freshman class of the 113th
Congress, introduced H. Res.
528 on May 9, supporting
the establishment of “United
States Foreign Service Day.”
As we went to press, the
measure had five co-spon-
sors: Rep. Alan Lowenthal,
D-Calif., Rep. Karen Bass,
D-Calif., Rep. Grace Meng,
D-N.Y., Rep. Gregory Meeks,
D-N.Y., and Rep. Tulsi Gab-
bard, D-Hawaii.
We will keep you updated
on progress in both cham-
–Javier Cuebas,
Director of Advocacy
Orwa Nyrabia, producer and filmmaker, takes questions from the
audience after a screening of his award-winning documentary
“Return to Homs” at AFSA headquarters on April 22. The film
follows two young Syrian men as their lives are upended by the
brutal conflict engulfing their country. Mr. Nyrabia, a native of Homs
himself, was in town for screenings of the film at FilmFest DC. The
event was organized with the help of the Department of State’s
Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations.
“Return to Homs” Screening at AFSA
Happy 90th from the Virginia General Assembly!
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