The Foreign Service Journal - June 2014 - page 55

JUNE 2014
On April 16, AFSA and the
Public Diplomacy Alumni
Association welcomed
former Assistant Secretary
of State for Public Affairs P.J.
Crowley to AFSA headquar-
A professor and fellow
at the Institute for Public
Diplomacy and Global Com-
munication at The George
Washington University,
Mr. Crowley served at the
Department of State from
2009 to 2011. He frequently
appears as a commentator in
print and on television.
After AFSA President
Bob Silverman and PDAA
Vice President Joe O’Connell
delivered opening remarks,
Crowley addressed what
he calls the “say-do gap”
between U.S. foreign policy
rhetoric and the actions
taken. “When you put
everything together, we are
admired throughout the
world for who we are,” Crow-
ley explained. “But the world
does not like, and in many
cases does not understand,
what we are trying to do.”
Furthermore, he observed,
foreign policy decisions are
often made without consider-
ing their implications for pub-
lic opinion. “Just as we have
lawyers at the table to weigh
the legal implications of our
actions, we need to have
public diplomacy experts to
make sure that the policy
and operational benefits
outweigh the public conse-
quences of those actions.”
Because public opinion
is becoming increasingly
important for the conduct of
foreign policy in the age of
social media, Crowley noted,
it is necessary to engage,
connect with and understand
the broader public, not just
world leaders.
Citing the former dean of
the Harvard Kennedy School,
Joseph Nye, and Under
Secretary of State for Public
Diplomacy and Public Affairs
Richard Stengel, Crowley
declared: “In the 21st cen-
tury, the one with the best
story wins. And we do have a
great story to tell.”
To view the entire event
online, please visit
–Julian Steiner, AFSA Staff
AFSA-PDAA Partnership Event:
How to Reduce the U.S. Public Diplomacy Deficit
P.J. Crowley, speaking at AFSA on April 16.
AFSA Welcomes Summer Interns
This semester, we welcome a new group of interns
to help out with AFSA’s operations. Our interns
always make an immense contribution to our work,
and we hope they learn as much from us as we do
from them. Here is the summer roll call.
Two interns will assist the
communications department. Julian Steiner will
continue from the previous semester; he is a
graduate student at The George Washington University. In
addition, Cecilia Daizovi joins the team. She is a rising senior
at Purdue University studying public relations and strategic
communications. She has a strong Foreign Service connec-
tion, as her father is a political officer who recently com-
pleted his first overseas tour in the Dominican Republic.
The Foreign Service Journal:
Aishwarya Raje is a rising
junior at Johns Hopkins University majoring in international
studies and minoring in Spanish and economics. She is origi-
nally from Princeton, N.J.
Advocacy and Government Affairs:
Timothy Schoonoven
is a junior political science major at The Master’s College in
Santa Clarita, Calif. Originally from Glendale, Calif., Timothy
previously spent a semester as an intern for the House Com-
mittee on Foreign Affairs.
Evan Bulman will come on board as awards intern.
He is from Barrington, R.I., and is a rising junior at Bowdoin
College, where he studies economics and political science.
Evan was initially drawn to AFSA by his long-term interest in
the Foreign Service.
Executive Office:
Kristen Ricca is studying for a master’s
degree in politics at New York University, where her concen-
tration is in international affairs. She has an undergraduate
degree from James Madison University, and studied abroad in
Italy. At NYU, she is a member of the Women’s Foreign Policy
Group and the NYU International Relations Association.
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