The Foreign Service Journal - June 2014 - page 57

JUNE 2014
On April 7, AFSA President
Robert J. Silverman shared
perspectives on diplomatic
careers with a class of
Pickering and Rangel Fellows
at the Lyndon B. Johnson
School of Public Affairs at the
University of Texas in Austin.
Many of the 20-plus students
expressed keen interest in
the Foreign Service and other
international careers.
The next day, he briefed
an overflow crowd of Foreign
Service retirees on AFSA pri-
orities before delivering a talk
on “Diplomatic Possibilities
in the Middle East: Impacts
on the Foreign Service.” In it,
he declared that the United
States has no choice but to
stay engaged in the Middle
East, despite setbacks and
dangers to our Foreign Ser-
vice personnel at all levels.
Silverman acknowledged
that the Egyptian political
landscape is quite complex,
but that makes it all the more
vital for American diplomats
to engage widely with many
segments of the population,
so we can understand and
influence developments.
A wide-ranging Q-and-A
session followed.
On April 17, Silverman
briefed students at the
School of General Studies
at Columbia University in
New York on Foreign Service
careers and U.S. diplomacy.
The school’s dean said the
program went over extremely
well, citing the enthusiastic
questions from students.
Both visits were part of
AFSA’s ongoing outreach
AFSA President Speaks in Austin and New York City
to “opinion leader” groups
around the country, which
deepens public under-
standing of diplomacy and
development and keeps our
members updated on AFSA
programs and priorities.
–Tom Switzer, Speakers
Bureau Director
AFSA President Robert J. Silverman addresses the Texas Foreign Service Group at a luncheon in Austin on April 8.
As we have done every year
since 1992, AFSA is col-
laborating with the Thursday
Luncheon Group to support a
minority college student dur-
ing a 10-week internship at
the Department of State.
One of those students,
Stacy Session, later joined
the Foreign Service. Another
intern, Stacy Williams, is the
current president of TLG
and a member of the Civil
This year’s TLG intern, the
24th AFSA has co-sponsored,
New TLG Intern Comes to Washington
Service officer. Following
his upcoming internship on
the India desk in the Bureau
of South and Central Asian
Affairs, he will participate in
the fall 2014 education voy-
age with the Semester at Sea
AFSA is also inaugurating
a collaboration with the His-
panic Employees Council of
the Foreign Affairs Agencies.
Modeled on the TLG pro-
gram, its goal is to support a
deserving Hispanic-American
college student during a
summer internship at the
State Department. We look
forward to introducing the
first HECFAA intern in next
month’s issue.
AFSA greatly values our
strong relationship with TLG
and HECFAA. Special thanks
go to their respective leaders,
Stacy Williams and Fran-
cisco Palmieri, as well as the
very supportive staff of the
State Department’s Office
of Recruitment, Evaluation
and Employment within the
Bureau of Human Resources.
–Ásgeir Sigfússon,
Director of New Media
is Jayson Douglas, a Bal-
timore native. A junior at
Bethune-Cookman Univer-
sity in Daytona Beach, Fla.,
Jayson is majoring in political
science with a dual minor
in international affairs and
public administration. An
active member of the honors
college, he is also president
of his school’s Student Gov-
ernment Association.
Jayson’s strong interest
in human rights and conflict
resolution has given him a
calling to become a Foreign
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