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JUNE 2015



Second Annual Advocacy Day:

AFSA Brings the Foreign Service to the Hill

The American Foreign

Service Association spent

a day—and an evening—on

the Hill on April 15, meeting

members of Congress and

their staffs to discuss the

importance of the Foreign

Service to national security,

economic development and

job creation.

On AFSA’s second annual

Advocacy Day, AFSA Gov-

erning Board members and

professional staff visited

12 congressional offices to

talk about AFSA’s priority

issues of career and profes-

sional development, over-

seas security and Overseas

Comparability Pay, as well as

opportunities for collabora-

tion with the Hill.

Congressional interlocu-

tors were primarily staff of

members of Congress who

currently serve as authoriz-

ers (Senate Foreign Relations

Committee) and appropria-

tors (House Appropriations

Subcommittee on State, For-

eign Operations and Related


Meetings also included

staffers from the offices of

presidential hopeful Sena-

tor Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and

Senate Appropriations State

and Foreign Operations

Subcommittee Chair Lindsey

Graham (R-S.C.).

That evening, AFSA

hosted its annual congres-

sional reception at the U.S.

Capitol Visitor Center. AFSA

President Robert J. Silverman

welcomed congressional

guests who came to listen to

stories of the Foreign Service

told by three speakers.

Rep. Barbara Lee

(D-Calif.), who recently

returned from the Summit

of the Americas in Panama,

is a staunch supporter of

diplomacy and development

and currently serves on

the House Appropriations

Committee on State, Foreign

Operations and Related

Programs. She spoke pas-

sionately on the importance

of the Foreign Service and

the need to better educate

her peers on the benefits

of a strong and well-funded


Ambassador Gerald M.

Feierstein, currently the prin-

cipal deputy assistant secre-

tary in State’s Bureau of Near

East Affairs, talked about

his personal experiences

overseas. Amb. Feierstein

joined the Foreign Service

in 1975 and has served in

Islamabad (twice), Tunis,

Riyadh, Peshawar, Muscat,

Jerusalem, Beirut and as

ambassador to Yemen from

2010 to 2013. In addition, he

discussed his experience as

a Pearson Fellow in the office



of then-Senator Carl Levin


The final speaker, Edith

Bartley, vice president of

government affairs at the

Thurgood Marshall College

Fund, shared her own Foreign

Service story of courage. Ms.

Bartley’s father and brother

were killed in the 1998 attack

on Embassy Nairobi.

FSO Julian Bartley Sr. had

been consul general in Nai-

robi at the time of the attack

and Julian Jr., Ms. Bartley’s

20-year-old brother, had

been working at the embassy

for the summer.

Ms. Bartley, who was away

at school when the attack

happened, has since worked

tirelessly to advocate for

victims of international ter-

rorism and to get justice and

compensation for Foreign

Service families and other

embassy employees killed in

terrorist attacks while work-

ing abroad.


—Debra Blome,

Associate Editor

AFSA hosted a reception on Capitol Hill in honor of Advocacy Day.

From left: AFSA Director of Advocacy Javier Cuebas, AFSA USAID Vice

President Sharon Wayne, guests of honor Susan Bartley and Edith Bartley,

AFSA President Robert J. Silverman and AFSA Executive Director Ian