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JUNE 2016


of high-level diplomatic engagement and public diplomacy

efforts, outside traditional foreign assistance programs.

The Anti-Corruption Initiative

In 2014, EUR decided to create a temporary senior anti-

corruption coordinator position to develop an approach in

conjunction with embassies, interagency partners and other

international actors/donors. We tasked two dozen embassies in

Central and Eastern Europe to draw up country-specific action

plans. We committed to the principle that each post, rather

than Washington, should develop its own action plan, ensuring

that each plan would reflect local challenges and the resources

available at each post to address them. The U.S. Mission to the

European Union prepared its own action plan on how best to

engage different parts of the E.U. to promote a coordinated


Next, we launched

an internal anti-corruption Web page

providing a variety of resources. A specially designed handbook

guided posts through the stages of assessing the challenge in

their host country; developing a post-specific anti-corruption

plan; coordinating with Washington, laterally with other embas-

sies and with other institutional and societal players; and deter-

mining how best to measure progress. Rather than imposing a

template on posts, EUR encouraged them to identify the main

corruption-related issues in their respective societies and tailor

proposed responses.

EUR encouraged posts to develop multiple lines of effort.

Those included high-level, bilateral diplomatic “asks” that could

be included in the talking points of visiting U.S. officials, as well

as continual ambassadorial engagement. A vital component

is public diplomacy (PD) outreach to a variety of audiences,

including host-country officials, media entities, business com-

munities, social and nongovernmental activists and students,

along with the tailoring of international visitor and other PD

programs to corruption-related themes.

Such efforts are particularly valuable in countries no longer

receiving foreign assistance. For others, there are targeted

assistance programs in rule-of-law capacity building and good


New members of the Kyiv Patrol police force

take the oath in St. Sophia Square in 2015.