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JUNE 2016




Board Meeting

April 6, 2016


Following a discussion of the F. Allen ‘Tex’ Harris

and W. Averell Harriman Award nominations and the need

to build consensus on what constitutes dissent, a motion

was put forward by State Representative John Dinkelman

that these awards not be granted in 2016. The motion

was approved.

Amotion to approve the Award Committee’s recom-

mendations for the remaining awards was made by State

Representative John Dinkelman. The motion passed


PAC Treasurer:

On a motion from Retiree Vice President

Tom Boyatt, the board approved the appointment of Earl

Anthony ‘Tony’Wayne to the position of treasurer for

the AFSA PAC. Ambassador (ret.) Wayne most recently

served as U.S. ambassador to Mexico and retired in Sep-

tember 2015.

State Representative Appointments:

Because four Gov-

erning Board members are departing during the next few

months, the board approved the appointment of the follow-

ing AFSAmembers as their replacements: Jason Donovan

(effective in May), Keith Hanigan, Kara McDonald and Alison

Storsve (effective summer 2016). The board particularly

noted that the new board members reflect, as far as pos-

sible, the demographics of the board originally chosen by

AFSAmembers in the June 2015 AFSA election.

Administrative Leave:

On a motion by State Represen-

tative John Dinkelman, the board affirmed their trust in

President Ambassador Barbara Stephenson to advocate

for AFSA in the committee stage of Senate Bill S. 2450

(the Administrative Leave Act of 2016).

AFSA Policy Positions:

AFSA President Ambassador

Barbara Stephenson submitted a policy memo on AFSA’s

overarching objectives when advocating for its members

to the board for approval.

Following discussion on refining and focusing the goals,

particularly with regard to career planning and access

to due process, a motion for approval was proposed by

Retiree Representative Dean Haas. The motion passed.


AFSA President Ambassador Barbara Stephenson, speaking at the reception. In her

remarks, Amb. Stephenson recalled the bipartisan resolution signed by 54 senators—

including then Senator John Kerry—which designated the first Friday in May as

Foreign Service Day.

AFSA members and invited guests at the Foreign Service Day

reception, following a program of distinguished speakers and

events at the Department of State.



Foreign Service Day Reception

Retired FSOs Douglas Wake and Connie Phlipot, who married in

the AFSA headquarters in 1988, attending the Foreign Service

Day reception. AFSA members since A-100, together they have

served over 60 years.