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JUNE 2017


L is a blog focusing

on U.S. foreign policy towards

the Middle East. It provides daily

perspectives from a range of experts,

many of whom are currently living

and working in the region.

The blog is named after its

founder, veteran journalist Jim Lobe,

who served as theWashington, D.C.,

correspondent and chief of the

Washington bureau of Inter Press

Service (IPS) from 1980 to 1985.

He has also written for a number

of publications and lectures occa-

sionally on neoconservative ideology,

the Bush administration and U.S.

foreign policy.

LobeLog has more than 50 regular

contributors, including former For-

eign Service officers from the United

States, the United Kingdom and

France, as well as academics and pro-

fessors from universities around the

world. Together, they provide a range

of opinions from different viewpoints,

adding to the overall understanding

of a complex region.

The blog is regarded as a “must-

read” site on Iran by The Economist

and, in 2015, became the first blog

to be honored with the Arthur Ross

Award for Distinguished Reporting

and Analysis of Foreign Affairs by the

American Academy of Diplomacy.

Users of the site can search

for relevant articles by category

and author, and all posts are also

arranged in an archive by month.

Each post has a section for com-

ments and discussion of the topics

it raises.


“word cloud.” The idea of creating a

word cloud has not played well on social

media, with many mocking that aspect of

the initiative.

The survey has been followed by

phone interviews with 300 randomly

selected employees representative of

a cross-section of the State and USAID


The survey and listening tour are part

of a departmental review being con-

ducted by Insigniam, a management con-

sulting firm. CBS has reported that the

exercise will cost more than $1.1 million.

—Gemma Dvorak, Associate Editor

Mark Green Nominated

as USAID Administrator


n May 10, the White House nomi-

nated Mark Andrew Green to be

USAID Administrator. If confirmed, the

four-term Republican congressman will

take over USAID at a crucial time, as

global humanitarian crises are mount-

ing and the agency faces the possibility

of significant budget cuts and drastic


Following six years in the Wisconsin

State Assembly, Mark Green was elected

to the U.S. House of Representatives from

the 8th district of Wisconsin in 1998.