The Foreign Service Journal - June 2017
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JUNE 2017



He served on the House International

Relations Committee and helped draft

significant legislation, including the Mil-

lenniumChallenge Act, the legislation

establishing George W. Bush’s signature

President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS

Relief and the U.S. Leadership Against

HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria Act.

From 2007 to 2009, Green served as the

Bush administration’s U.S. ambassador

to Tanzania. He served two terms on the

Board of Directors of the MillenniumChal-

lenge Corporation, having been appointed

to that post by the Obama administration.

From 2011 through early 2013, Mr.

Green served as senior director at the

U.S. Global Leadership Coalition. He

then became president and chief execu-

tive officer of the Initiative for Global

Development, a nonprofit organization

that engages corporate leaders to reduce

poverty through business growth and

investment in Africa.

Mr. Green joined the International

Republican Institute as president in Janu-

ary 2014. He also co-chairs the Consensus

for Development Reform, a coalition that

aims to make development policy more

effective and growth-oriented.

Mr. Green’s nomination was widely

praised across the development com-

munity and on both sides of the aisle in

Congress. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson welcomed the nomination, stating that

Mr. Green would “help us prioritize where

America’s future development invest-

ments will be spent so that we can ensure

every tax dollar advances our country’s

security and prosperity.”


—Gemma Dvorak, Associate Editor