The Foreign Service Journal - June 2017
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JUNE 2017



Consent Agenda:

The Governing Board approved the con-

sent agenda items, which were: (1) the Mar. 1 Governing Board

meeting minutes; (2) acceptance of the resignation of Retiree

Representative Dean Haas.

Minutes Approval Committee:

With no objection, the board

created a Minutes Approval Committee to review and approve

Governing Board minutes before presentation to board mem-

bers. State Representative TriciaWingerter, FCS Representa-

tive Suzanne Platt and Retiree Representative John Limbert

were appointed to the committee.

Staff Matters:

Executive Director Ian Houston thanked

AFSAGovernance Specialist Patrick Bradley for his work and

congratulated him on his new role as Labor Management


AFSA Awards:

On behalf of the Awards and Plaques Com-

mittee, State Representative Josh Glazeroff moved that the

Governing Board approve the committee’s recommendations

for the recipients of the 2017 AFSAAwards for Construc-

tive Dissent and Exemplary Performance. The motion was


William R. Rivkin Award:

Retiree Vice President Ambassador

Tom Boyatt moved that the Governing Board approve the

recommendation from the Rivkin family for the recipient of

the 2017William R. Rivkin Award for Constructive Dissent by a

mid-level officer. The motion was approved unanimously.

The names and biographies of all award winners will appear

in a future issue of

The Foreign Service Journal



AFSACongratulates Job Search ProgramGraduates

On March 31, AFSA hosted

a reception for graduates of

the first Job Search Program

of the year.

AFSA President Ambas-

sador Barbara Stephenson

congratulated the class and

thanked them for their years

of service.

She highlighted the impor-

tance of a strong network and

community in retirement, and

noted that AFSA’s resources,

including the Retiree Direc-

tory, are some of the best

ways to maintain and grow

your connections to the For-

eign Service family.

Amb. Stephenson also

encouraged JSP graduates

to join AFSA’s campaign to

educate others about what

the Foreign Service does and

why it matters.

“You have lived this life,

you know what it means. We

need your voices,” she told

the group. “You are the most

effective voice for arguing

that the Foreign Service is

essential to continued Ameri-

can global leadership.”

Any Foreign Service gradu-

ate of the program interested

in sharing the story of the

Foreign Service should con-

sider signing up with AFSA’s

Speaker’s Bureau.

AFSA can provide

talking points and

other resources for

retirees (and active-

duty members) who

speak at high schools,

colleges and commu-

nity groups.

Switching from

active-duty to retiree

membership with

AFSA is not an auto-

matic process, so

members approach-

ing retirement should contact

Member Services (member@ to ensure that they

do not lose out on the ben-

efits of being an AFSAmem-

ber. Membership includes

access to our online forum,

dedicated retiree counsel-

ing, a bimonthly newsletter

and the Retiree Directory, as

well as a subscription to


Foreign Service Journal.


—Gemma Dvorak,

Associate Editor

AFSA President

Ambassador Barbara

Stephenson and

James Benson,

vice president of

DACOR, welcome

and congratulate

graduates of the

Job Search Program

at a reception at

the Foreign Service

Institute on March 31.

AFSA Member Services Director Janet

Hedrick helps a Job Search Program

graduate sign up for retiree membership.



AFSAGoverning Board Meeting, April 5, 2017