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JUNE 2017


from Secretary of State Rex

Tillerson. The Secretary

called the occasion “a testa-

ment to Anne’s extraordinary

legacy that, every year since

her tragic death in 2013, her

colleagues, friends and family

members have gathered at

the department’s memorial

plaque to remember her.”

“While not knowing Anne

personally,” Sec. Tillerson

wrote, “everything I’ve seen

and heard suggests her life

embodied our country’s most

fundamental ideals.”

“As I look at all those

gathered here,” Director

General Chacón stated, in his

own remarks, “it’s clear to me

that Anne was loved deeply.

She won our hearts and

minds the old-fashioned way,

by giving of herself. Today a

grateful department honors

her distinguished service and


Immediately preceding

the ceremony, Anne’s family,

friends and colleagues gath-

ered for an intimate meeting

in the State Department’s

Delegates Lounge.

Later in the day, the

Smedinghoff family attended

a Book Notes event at AFSA

headquarters, where Ambas-

sador Jonathan Addleton,

who was with Anne during the

attack, spoke about his expe-

riences in Afghanistan.


—James Schiphorst,

Awards Intern

Family and friends of Anne Smedinghoff gather at the Department of State

before a memorial service at the AFSA plaques in the C Street lobby of the

Harry S Truman building.



At USAID, also on April 6, a memorial for the late Dale J.

Gredler, was held. Dale was a USAID financial management

specialist who died of a heart attack in 2010 en route to

the United States for medical treatment. A tile bearing his

name was added to the USAIDmemorial wall at a cer-

emony in 2013 and his name is inscribed on the memorial

plaques at State. The event at the Ronald Reagan building

was attended by his widow and two daughters, as well as

friends and colleagues.

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