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JUNE 2017




courses typically meet once

or twice a week and include

both thought-provoking read-

ings and interactive sessions

with campus departments,

helping students to imple-

ment academic strategies

and build friendships among


These classes give stu-

dents an intimate setting to

interact with staff or faculty members

and student peer mentors, while learn-

ing about the college’s resources and

college success strategies.

Get Involved!

There are many ways for students

to get involved, meet fellow students

and develop a first semester activity list

before college starts.

Identify co-curricular activities.

Identifying service, social, sporting,

religious and cultural organizations on

campus that interest the student not

only familiarizes them with the plethora

of opportunities available on campus,

but also helps them find

communities of common


It is “important for stu-

dents to develop interests,

get out and get involved in

activities that connect you

with peers,” advises Rebecca

Grappo of RNG International

Education Consultants.

Students should reach

out to some of these organizations during

the summer and introduce themselves.

Learning about the joining process and

early semester events gives students a

social or service activity for their calendar,

which can be paramount for students who

are attending a campus where they know

no one.

TCKs can both benefit from

and contribute to the mission

of international centers, and

should take advantage of

the resources they have for

international students.