The Foreign Service Journal - July/August 2014 - page 16

its brand-new Global Youth Wellbeing
Index. Created in partnership with the
made at the 2012 Clinton Global Initia-
William Reese, president and CEO
of the International Youth Foundation,
described one goal of the initiative as
reframing the debate about the devel-
oping world’s “youth bulge”: nearly 3.5
billion people under the age of 25. Reese
believes that too many people view this
group as a security threat when they
should see it as an “untapped resource.”
Kathleen Hicks, director of the
International Security Program at CSIS,
believes the index will help illuminate
the demographic challenges and allow
private investors “to see where countries
have the potential to improve and to
She also encouraged young people
to “buy into the index.” Chris Nassetta,
president and CEO of Hilton Worldwide,
echoed that sentiment, warning that the
initiative “will not succeed without full
engagement by youth.”
The index tracks 40 indicators across
six interconnected domains: citizen par-
ticipation, economic opportunity, educa-
tion, health, information/communica-
tion technology, and safety and security.
The index currently covers 30 different
countries, which collectively account
for about 70 percent of the world’s total
youth population.
CSIS is working hard to promote their
new index through social media as well,
starting a #YouthWellbeingIndex trend
on Twitter, and launching a new website
with an interac-
tive map and a link to the full report of the
—Bret Matera, Editorial Intern
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