The Foreign Service Journal - July/August 2014 - page 49

AFSA Launches Speaker
Partnership with USC
On April 23, AFSA
launched a new Speaker
Partnership with the
School of International
Relations at the Univer-
sity of Southern Califor-
nia in Los Angeles.
Robert English, direc-
tor of SIR, opened the
event, warmly thanking
AFSA for developing this
important partnership.
He expressed USC’s
desire to expand the new rela-
tionship over the long term.
Keynoting the event was
Ambassador Lynn Pascoe,
who recently served as United
Nations undersecretary
general for political affairs,
overseeing all conflict plan-
ning, and before that spent
several decades focused on
U.S. security policy toward
His talk, “American Diplo-
macy and Conflict in Asia–
Lessons and Opportunities,”
was attended by some 150
faculty and students from var-
ious USC departments. They
asked numerous thoughtful
questions about the Foreign
Amb. Pascoe empha-
sized that the United States,
working through and with the
United Nations, must con-
tinue to build strong shared
values with Asian allies, and
assist local nongovernmental
organizations with effective
Above, Ambassador Lynn Pascoe speaking at the USC School of Inter-
national Relations. Discussions continued after the talk among (left to
right) Prof. Jonathan Aronson, Robert English, Amb. Pascoe and students.
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2014 AFSA Award Winners
Charles Stuart Kennedy Jr.
Lifetime Contributions to American Diplomacy
Con s t r u c t i ve D i s s en t Awa rd s
Ambassador Jonathan Addleton
Christian A. Herter Award for a
Senior Foreign Service Officer
David Holmes
William R. Rivkin Award for a
Mid-Level FSO
William O’Bryan
W. Averell Harriman Award for an
Entry-Level FSO
Nick Pietrowicz
F. Allen “Tex” Harris Award for a
Foreign Service Specialist
Exemp l a r y Pe r fo rman c e Awa rd s
Carol K. Backman
Nelson B. Delavan Award for a
Foreign Service Office Management Specialist
Mary Kay Cunningham
M. Juanita Guess Award for a
Community Liaison Officer
Kari Osborne
Avis Bohlen Award for a
Foreign Service Family Member
Full coverage of AFSA’s June 18 awards ceremony,
profiles of the winners and related articles will
appear in the September issue of
The Foreign Service Journal
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