The Foreign Service Journal - July/August 2014 - page 54

has come a long way—from,
for example, not having a
single female chief of mission
to more than 40 today. He
recalled that his father, FSO
Richard Kerry, had worked in
the 1950s for Clifton Whar-
ton—who, at the time, was
the only African-American
FSO. The Secretary declared
that the diversity of the
United States is what makes
our nation strong, and it is
increasingly reflected in the
Foreign Service.
Sec. Kerry also empha-
sized that the Foreign Service
is not only important in
maintaining diplomatic rela-
tions with other countries,
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but in promoting American
ideals admired around the
world. “We are working—all of
us together—to try to create
order where there is none, to
bring stability out of chaos,
to fix what is broken and to
make this complicated world
just a little bit less compli-
cated and a lot more free.
And that’s really worth the
effort. Thank you all for being
part of it,” said Kerry.
Sen. Lugar, a former mem-
ber and chairman of the Sen-
ate Foreign Relations Commit-
tee and the winner of AFSA’s
2005 Lifetime Contributions
to American Diplomacy
Award, conveyed his respect
for AFSA and deep regard for
the Foreign Service.
Offering a lively account
of his personal experience
working with members of the
Foreign Service in Ukraine in
2004, Sen. Lugar praised the
“exemplary” performance
of Ambassador John Herbst
during the historic elections
held at that time.
Rep. Van Hollen, whose
father spent 25 years in the
Foreign Service, shared his
admiration for American
diplomats. “Growing up in
the Foreign Service family
gives you great appreciation
for the energy, the talent, the
creativity and the dedication
that all of our Foreign Service
members and their families
bring to the job,” he said,
and underscored the impor-
tance of ensuring adequate
resources for diplomacy.
“It’s smarter to focus on
peace than fighting wars
around the world,”Van Hollen
stated. His support for Ameri-
can diplomats’ ability to get
out of embassy compounds
and engage foreign publics in
a safe manner drew applause.
Van Hollen also expressed
gratitude for the work of
Sec. Kerry and former Sec.
Powell. But he noted that
their diplomatic accomplish-
ments would not have been
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