The Foreign Service Journal - July/August 2014 - page 55

Ambassador Thomas J. Miller
to Deliver Adair Lecture
Ambassador Thomas J. Miller will deliver the 8th annual
Adair Memorial Lecture on U.S. Diplomacy onWednesday,
Aug. 27, at 3 p.m. at American University’s Kaye Memorial
Chapel. His topic will be “The Link Between Diplomacy and
The public is welcome to attend this special event,
which traditionally kicks off the fall semester at A.U.’s
School of International Service.
Amb. Miller is president and CEO of International Exec-
utive Service Corps, a nonprofit that focuses on fostering
prosperity and stability through private enterprise in more
than 130 countries around the world.
During a distinguished 29-year career at the State
Department, the three-time ambassador served overseas
in Thailand, Greece (three times) and Bosnia-Herzegovina,
and held important assignments inWashington, D.C.
In 2001, President GeorgeW. Bush named Miller U.S.
ambassador to Greece, where he focused on counter-
terrorism, serving through 2004. Earlier, President William
Clinton had appointed him ambassador to Bosnia-Herze-
govina (1999-2001) and Special Cypus Coordinator at the
rank of ambassador (1997-1999).
The Adair Lecture series is the result of a partnership
between AFSA and A.U.’s School of International Service.
The Marshall P. Adair Family has generously created a per-
petual endowment to sustain the series, named in honor
of their parents, Caroline and Ambassador Charles Adair.
possible had it not been for
for the devoted FS members
who work tirelessly to put
American foreign policy into
Colin Powell concluded
the program by addressing
the importance of integrating
America with the rest of the
world, specifically through
immigration. “Immigration
reform has got to be one of
our highest priorities because
it’s keeping this country
alive,” said Powell, who
believes cultural and racial
diversity is the most unique
aspect of the United States.
The United States is still
an inspiration to the entire
world, he said, attributing
that image to the work that
the men and women of the
Foreign Service have done
over the past 90 years.
Sec. Powell also stated
that it is easy for govern-
ment officials to forget that
they work to serve everyday
Americans, but that no one is
more aware of the true pur-
pose of their tasks than the
members of the U.S. Foreign
Service. “You all have done
that in such a magnificent
way,” he told the FS members
in the audience.
Editorial Intern Aishwarya
Raje and Managing Editor
Susan B. Maitra
1) From left, AFSA Deputy Director
for Member Benefits and Events
Kristy Pomes, AFSA President
Robert J. Silverman, Representative
Chris Van Holler (D-Md.), Secretary
of State John F. Kerry, former
Senator Richard Lugar, NBC News
Chief Foreign Correspondent
Andrea Mitchell, AFSA Governing
Board Member Lillian Wahl-Tuco,
AFSA State VP Matthew Asada
and AFSA Executive Director Ian
(2) Ambassador Ryan Crocker and
his wife, Christine, with Ambassador
Bruce Laingen.
(3) FSJ Editorial Board Chairman
Jim DeHart and Lisa DeHart.
(4) Jean and F. Allen “Tex” Harris,
with Senator Lugar.
(5) Former Secretary of State
Colin Powell.
(6) Former Under Secretary of State
for Political Affairs Marc Grossman;
Peggy Cifrino, principal assistant
to former Secretary of State Colin
Powell; and Ambassador Ronald
(7) AFSA Governing Board Member
Clayton Bond and former Director
General Ruth A. Davis.
(8) Lillian Wahl-Tuco and FSO
Stephanie Parenti, the youngest
member of the Foreign Service.
(9) Virginia State Assembly Delegate
Alfonso Lopez (49th District), fourth
from left, presents House Joint
Resolution 406 to AFSA officials.
From left, Foreign Agricultural
Service VP David Mergen, Foreign
Commercial Service VP Steve
Morrison, Advocacy Director Javier
Cuebas, Alfonso Lopez, Ian Houston,
Robert Silverman, Matthew Asada
and USAID VP Sharon Wayne.
(10) At left, Ambassador William
Harrop and his wife, Ann, with Ted
Wilkinson and his wife, Zenia.
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