The Foreign Service Journal - July/August 2014 - page 57

On May 2, the American
Foreign Service Associa-
tion Scholarship Fund held
its annual merit awards
ceremony to announce the
recipients of the 2014 AFSA
Merit Awards.
This year, $48,500 was
bestowed on 27 Foreign
Service high school seniors
for their outstanding achieve-
ments in academics and art.
Each winner received $2,500,
and honorable mentions
received $750 to $1,000.
(See pp. 58-59 for a listing of
the winners.)
Academic merit judges
evaluated 78 students in the
following areas: grade point
average; standardized test
scores; high-level courses
taken; a Foreign Service-
themed essay; student activi-
ties and community service;
and special circumstances, if
any. The judges selected 13
winners, 10 honorable men-
tions, one Best Essay (see
p. 60) and one Community
Service winner.
The 16 art merit award
applicants submitted work in
one of the following catego-
ries: visual arts, musical arts,
performing arts or creative
writing. The applicants were
evaluated on the quality and
creativity of their work, dedi-
cation to their artistic pursuit
and an essay.
This year’s art merit
winner, Rebecca Sarfati,
was chosen for her poem,
“Regression,” and short story,
“Red.”Alison Dominguez and
Copeland Smith both won
honorable mention for their
visual arts submissions.
The AFSA Scholarship
Program would also like to
recognize its merit award
named donors. To date, nine
merit scholarships have been
established by individuals or
These awards, bestowed
on the highest-scoring stu-
dents, are: the John and Pris-
cilla Becker Family Award, the
Turner C. Cameron Jr. Memo-
rial Award, the CareFirst
BlueCross BlueShield Federal
Employee ProgramAward
(two awards), the Embassy
Risk Management Award,
the John C. and Nancy S.
Leary Memorial Award, the
Joanna and Robert Martin
Award (two awards), and the
Donald S. Spigler Memorial
and Maria Giuseppa Spigler
In addition to the merit
awards program, 68 stu-
dents received need-based,
financial aid scholarships
for undergraduate educa-
tion. AFSA bestowed more
than $184,000 during the
2013-2014 school year, with
awards ranging from $1,000
to $4,000.
This amount will increase
to $3,000 to $5,000 for the
2014-15 school year. The
recipients of the 2013-2014
financial aid scholarships can
be found on the Scholarship
website at:
scholar. The 2014-2015 finan-
Presenting the 2014 AFSAMerit Award Winners
cial aid scholarship recipients
will be announced in August.
As of this fall, the total aid
awarded by the AFSA Schol-
arship Program to members’
children will increase to
$245,000 annually. This is in
large part due to the contin-
ued and generous support of
AFSAmembers and individu-
als throughout the Foreign
Service community.
For more information on
the merit awards, applying for
this benefit of AFSAmem-
bership or contributing to
the AFSA Scholarship Fund,
or contact Lori Dec at (202)
944-5504 or
—Jonathan Crawford,
Scholarship Assistant
The local winners of the 2014 merit awards at the May 2 ceremony at AFSA. Back row: Benjamin “Phoenix”
Morrison, Frank Keat, Timothy Kostelancik. Front row: Ambassador Lange Schermerhorn, chair of the AFSA
Scholarship Committee; Grace Bachman; Olivia Sullivan; Maya Yu; and AFSA President Robert J. Silverman.
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