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July-August 2015


the foreign Service journal

local lens




Please submit your favorite, recent

photograph to be considered for

Local Lens. Images must be high

resolution (at least 300 dpi at 8”

x 10”) and must not be in print

elsewhere. Please submit a short

description of the scene/event, as

well as your name, brief biodata

and the type of camera used, to


uring a recent visit to Petra, the ancient caravan-city in Jordan that was an important cross-

roads between Arabia, Egypt and Syria-Phoenicia, I came across this scene. The old Bedouin

rababa player and his charming grandson were playing music for tourists passing by, and

were so caught in the moment and comfortable with their surroundings that they seemed to

transcend time.

Petra is one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites, where ancient Eastern traditions

blend with Hellenistic architecture. Located between the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, the city is half

built, half carved into the rock and surrounded by mountains riddled with passages and gorges.


Alda Kauffeld is a Foreign Service spouse posted in Amman, where she works as the embassy’s EFM residential

security coordinator. The Kauffeld family has served in Kenya, Sri Lanka, Ghana and Jordan. She is a profes-

sional photographer and winner of the 2009 National Photo Award. She was awarded “Best in Show” by the

Art in Embassies “Through Their Eyes” worldwide Defense Department and State Department Photography

Contest in 2012.