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professional and government officials

operating in China.”

Misinformation about what trade

agreements can and cannot do is wide-

spread, whether in the United States

or abroad. But Trade Officer



spearheaded the development

and implementation of Mission Poland’s

Transatlantic Trade and Investment

Partnership public outreach strategy

so effectively that it was cited as a best

practice by the department and incorpo-

rated into a pilot program for three other

European posts.

In Washington to accept the award,

Palazzolo said that to counter “anti-glo-

balization forces” she held press confer-

ences, conducted roundtables and gave

speeches. She also created an advocacy

group, “Friends of T-TIP,” consisting of Pol-

ish contacts who ran coordinated social

media campaigns to distribute informa-

tion and counter negative messaging

during the negotiations.



) is a

volunteer, nonprofit organization of cur-

rent and former State Department, broad-

cast, academic and private-sector public

diplomacy professionals. Its mission is to

foster understanding, recognition of and

support for public diplomacy through

educational and social activities.

—Susan Brady Maitra,

Managing Editor

Public Diplomacy

Awardees Cited for

Creativity, Courage

W inners of the 18th annual Public Diplomacy Alumni Association awards for innovative and effective PD strategies were honored on May 3 in

Washington, D.C.

The eight awardees, chosen from

nominations from State Department posts

in every region of the world, demon-

strated creativity, courage and tenacity

in addressing critical issues ranging from

Ebola in Africa and women’s rights issues

in Afghanistan to electronic messaging in

China and trade agreements in Europe.

Award winner


has managed the

first American Corner in Afghanistan

since 2004. Despite physical attacks

and threats on his life and his family, he

expanded women’s participation at the

Corner from almost non-existent to more

than 28,000 in 2014.

He organized roundtables where

female experts led discussions on issues

ranging from education and computer

skills to stopping violence against women,

countering violent extremism and pro-

moting democratic values.

“He is the heart of what we do around

the world,” said Jean Manes, principal


deputy coordinator in the Bureau of

International Information Programs, in

accepting the award for Said.

Outstanding work on Ebola garnered

five awards.

Kimberly Phelan-Royston


Emily Green

from Embassy Conakry,

Sally Hodgson


Molly Westrate


Embassy Monrovia and

Hollyn Green

from Embassy Freetown were hailed for

developing and implementing public

health messaging campaigns that helped

mitigate the transmission of Ebola.

Their work included utilizing local

radio stations, creating survivor videos

and comic books, sending out public

health voicemails and partnering with

both local religious leaders and traditional

healers to help inform both rural and

urban populations.

In Guangzhou, Consul General


nifer Zimdahl Galt

was recognized for her

exceptional work in overcoming the Chi-

nese government’s ironclad restrictions

and expanding the U.S. government’s

presence on such major Chinese social

media websites as Weibo, WeChat and

Youku (“YouTube”), primarily through her

hashtag #CG Galt. Galt’s frequent posts,

written in fluent Chinese, reached an esti-

mated 1.2 million Chinese followers.

FSOThao Anh Tran, who nominated

Galt and accepted

the award on her

behalf, noted that

Galt’s posts “carved

out a space for Chi-

nese to debate con-

troversial issues in

an environment of

otherwise perva-

sive censorship…

and established

a foundation for

effective outreach

for future gen-

erations of public



Jennifer Galt takes part in social media

Web chat.

Sally Hodgson (center) discusses projects for public outreach on

Ebola with recently returned 2014 Mandela Washington Fellows.