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USAID Honors Fallen Hero

On May 5, the family of

the late John Alfred Nuhn

honored his memory at a

ceremony held at the head-

quarters of the United States

Agency for International

Development in Washington,

D.C. Nuhn died on October

23, 1964, at the age of 45

from injuries sustained in a

car collision while serving as

deputy assistant director for

finance for USAID in


USAID Counselor Susan

Reichle presided over the

ceremony, and Associate

Administrator Eric Postel

offered remarks honor-

ing Nuhn’s commitment to

expanding opportunity for all

and ending extreme poverty

around the world.

AFSA President Robert J.

Silverman, AFSA USAID Vice

President Sharon Wayne and

formally recognized. Mrs.

Nuhn passed away in 2004,

and it was the couple’s eldest

son, John Nuhn, who per-

severed in having a tile with

his father’s name placed on

USAID’s memorial wall.

Nuhn worked for the

Department of Agriculture

and the U.S. Navy before

joining USAID’s predecessor,

USAID’s Memorial Wall was

created 10 years ago to remember

colleagues who have died while

serving the United States.

Nuhn’s family and senior USAID and State representatives pay their

respects during the memorial ceremony. From left: daughter-in-law Shirley

Nuhn, sons John and Thomas Nuhn, USAID Associate Administrator Eric

Postel and Director General of the Foreign Service Arnold Chacón.


the U.S. Operations Mission,

in 1954. His time with USAID

included tours in Greece and

Thailand. He is survived by

his eight children and their



—Maria C. Livingston,

Associate Editor


Director General of the For-

eign Service Arnold Chacón

also attended the ceremony.

In 2000, Margaret (Peggy)

Nuhn wrote to former Sec-

retary of State Madeleine

Albright requesting that her

late husband’s sacrifice be

PEC: Ethics, Professionalism and Speaking Truth to Power

In 2012, the AFSA Governing

Board established the Com-

mittee on the Foreign Service

Profession and Ethics in an

effort to “enhance the profes-

sional nature of the Foreign

Service, both for special-

ists and officers, across the

spectrum of foreign affairs


The PEC’s main goal is to

create a clear set of institu-

tional values and a shared

culture within the Foreign

Service (See www.bit. ly/1CfnhyW).

PEC Initiatives

Since its creation, the PEC

has embarked on a number

of ambitious projects. One

of its first, in 2013, involved

partnering with the Institute

for Global Ethics to conduct

a survey of values within the

Foreign Service. The survey

found overwhelming support

(70 percent of survey respon-

dents) for developing a code

of ethics for the Service.

In 2014 the PEC submit-

ted a paper, approved by

the AFSA Governing Board

and titled “A Professional

Education for a Profes-

sional Foreign Service,” to

the Department of State’s

Quadrennial Diplomacy and

Development Review team

for consideration in drafting

the 2015 QDDR report.

The paper recommended

the creation of a career-long

education program for both

generalists and specialists

to support a deeper under-

standing of ever-evolving

policies, increased manage-

ment know-how and profes-

sional leadership.

Currently, the PEC is draft-

ing a professional code of con-

duct to formally articulate the

ethical values of the Foreign

Service. The committee hopes

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